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UNICEF welcomes new government and calls for a Children’s Commissioner

Statement attributable to Amjad Rabi, UNICEF Acting Representative in Malaysia

UNICEF in Malaysia would like to congratulate Y.A.B Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on his democratic election as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia and welcomes the announcement of key Cabinet Ministers and Council of Elders.

This is a historic moment for Malaysia and its people, especially children and youth. 

The young people of Malaysia have clearly and peacefully expressed their aspirations for a brighter future during the 14th General Elections. Their concerns are legitimate and their voices must be heard. Young people are eager to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive Malaysia. 

A measure of a nation's socio-economic development is how well it cares for children – their health, their safety, their education and their participation. The best interest of the child should be the cornerstone of public policy and every decision made on their behalf. UNICEF welcomes the consideration given to children, young people and women in the Pakatan Harapan Manifesto and looks forward to working with the government of Malaysia to realise the commitments articulated in the 100-day promise.

Furthermore, UNICEF calls on the newly elected government to appoint a Children’s Commissioner as an independent advisor to monitor the rights and well-being of children and promote their best interests in law and policy. A special representative focusing on children’s issues and reporting directly to Parliament, with the mandate to put children’s best interests on the public agenda, will encourage different departments to coordinate their efforts and promote better laws, policies and services for children. 

More than 60 countries worldwide have an independent commissioner for children and youth in place, including many OECD countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the UK. UNICEF stands ready to assist the government of Malaysia to establish a  Children’s Commissioner by providing the needed guidance and technical support in our partnership with the government to better serve children.

We look forward to working with the newly elected government in its vision to build a nation where the rights of every child are upheld, their voices are heard, and no one is left behind. 

For more information, please contact:
Rachel Choong, UNICEF Malaysia, +60124162872, 




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