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UNICEF Climate Comic Contest: Introducing Earth Boy

Superheros are more in fashion today than ever. Maybe it’s because the world needs their powers like never before. To encourage children and young people to think about the environment in a way that is engaging to them, UNICEF devised the Climate! Comic! Contest! where young participants were tasked with coming up with a superhero to deal with a particular environmental issue.

For this contest, 9 year old Emerson Chong created Earth Boy. Earth Boy also known as Jason was a science prodigy who created two potions that he hoped would help him save the earth. Watch Emerson introduce us to Earth Boy!


Emerson is an avid cartoonist and has held workshops on cartooning for school-going children during school holidays.


If you’re keen to read the full Earth Boy Comic produced together with UNICEF Illustrator, Wendy Concepcion; click here to download.   



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