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Netizens rally to support children

‘Groupon for Children' Campaign 2012

Groupon Malaysia Cheque Presentation to UNICEF Malaysia
© Groupon Malaysia/2012
Mr. Joel Neoh, the CEO of Groupon Malaysia (second from right) presents a mock cheque for the funds raised to Ms. Choon Bow Bow, Chief, Private Sector Fundraising and Partnership, UNICEF Malaysia

By Hema Balasundaram

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 6 February 2012 – The Internet has tremendous power in Malaysia, and so do its users. The recent ‘Groupon for Children’ campaign, a collaborative effort between UNICEF and Groupon Malaysia, is a spot-on illustration of this. In just 10 days, the campaign raised RM152,730 in support of UNICEF’s programs in Malaysia and around the world.

“Children are the future of our nation; it’s our responsibility to help the less fortunate so that they can be raised with equal benefits as other kids and contribute their part to others in the future," said donor Jamuna Athimoolam, 26, who purchased the Groupon within one day of its launch.

The campaign, which ran from 3 to 10 January, quickly gained momentum among netizens, with over 3,000 Groupons purchased in less than a day. It capitalised on the popularity of online shopping and social media, as well as the desire that many Malaysians have to be a force of positive change in the lives of children.

Dr. Victor Karunan, Deputy Representative and Representative, a.i., UNICEF Malaysia, lauded the strong show of support from the public, saying “We would like to thank everyone who supported this campaign. The funds raised would go a long way towards serving children in need and creating a world in which every child has her/his rights and needs met.”

All of the proceeds raised by Groupon during the campaign were donated to UNICEF in support of international and local programs that help meet the rights and needs of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. More than just a fundraising drive, ‘Groupon for Children’ has demonstrated that by rallying together and mobilising quick action, we can move a step closer to creating a world fit for children.





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