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G8 Muskoka Initiative on maternal, newborn and under-five child health
NEW YORK, 25 June 2010 – “UNICEF welcomes the commitment by G8 countries to accelerate efforts to improve maternal and child health by endorsing the Muskoka Initiative launched today at the G8 Summit in Canada.

Kiwanis partnership to fight deadly maternal and neonatal tetanus worldwide
NEW YORK, 24 June 2010 – UNICEF today welcomed the announcement of a new partnership with global volunteer network Kiwanis International to fight tetanus in women and children worldwide, a disease that kills around 60,000 newborns each year.

An open letter to the European Union from UNICEF's Executive Director Anthony Lake
16 June 2010 – “Tomorrow, European Union leaders gather in Brussels to discuss their position for the UN Secretary General’s much-anticipated September Summit on the Millennium Development Goals.

Executive Board concludes meeting with an eye on gender equality, resources and results
NEW YORK, 7 June 2010 – On Friday, 4 June, the final day of the UNICEF Executive Board’s 2010 Annual Session, delegates were briefed on the progress of the organisation’s efforts to promote gender equality and achieve the MDGs by 2015.

'Women Deliver 2010' conference addresses maternal health and child survival
NEW YORK, 7 June 2010 – UNICEF and other international leaders in maternal health and child survival are meeting in Washington, DC this week to accelerate a global campaign aimed at reducing deaths of pregnant women and young children.

Letter to children and young people: Help save the planet
KUALA LUMPUR, 4 June 2010 – An Open Letter from UNICEF Representative to Malaysia Hans Olsen to children and young people advising them of their power to change the world by simply taking charge and making small changes at home and school.

Executive Board welcomes Anthony Lake and cites progress towards MDGs
NEW YORK, 1 June 2010 – At the start of the 2010 Annual Session of UNICEF’s Executive Board today, His Excellency Dr. Abulkalam Abdul Momen, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh and Executive Board President, welcomed Executive Director Anthony Lake.

Education conference ends with strong call to focus on the most marginalised children
DAKAR, 26 May 2010 – Although great strides have been made to get more girls into classrooms, those still out of school are likely to be from families already suffering social neglect and deprivation.

UNGEI global conference focuses on preventing “56 million wasted opportunities”
DAKAR, 17 May 2010 – A conference designed to find new ways to ensure that some 56 million children – most of them girls – do not miss out on their right to education opens in Senegal today.

The opportunities of adolescent girls as agents of social change
NEW YORK, 27 April 2010 - Latest research on adolescent girls show that as they grow up, girls instinctively resist becoming part of a society that does not value them as highly as their brothers.

UNICEF: Providing quality education is essential to future development and prosperity
NEW YORK, 23 April 2010 – In a week where education advocates are calling for increased funding for education, a UNICEF expert today stated that effective support for quality education are important investments that protect children’s rights.

Sanitation and water must no longer play second fiddle to other priorities
WASHINGTON, D.C. 21 April 2010 – Between 1997 and 2008, aid commitments for sanitation and water fell from 8% of total development aid to 5%, lower than commitments for health, education, transport, energy and agriculture, according to a UN report.

UNICEF launches Facts for Life, a guide for healthy childhood
NEW YORK/GENEVA/ MASERU, LESOTHO, 7 April 2010 – During a visit to Lesotho, UNICEF Executive Director, Ann M. Veneman, today launched Facts for Life, a publication which delivers life-saving information to families and communities about child survival.

Youth voices resound on the airwaves in Nigeria and Malaysia
NEW YORK, 6 April 2010 – On 7 March, radio and TV audiences around the globe tuned in as local stations took part in the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting – and reports of young voices over the airwaves have been coming in for the past month.

Safe drinking water threatened by deteriorating water quality
KUALA LUMPUR, 22 March 2010 – Environmental factors such as increasing urbanisation, industrialisation and poor sanitation are contributing to water pollution, deteriorating the quality of safe drinking water, especially for poor families.

Report shows successes and gaps for children and women
NEW YORK, 16 March 2010 - With only five years left until the 2015 deadline for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the UN Secretary-General has today released a report on progress made towards the achievement of the MDGs.

A time to focus on adolescent girls
NEW YORK, 8 March 2010 - “Last week in Guatemala I visited a UNICEF centre that houses girls as young as thirteen who have been rescued from brothels. The stories of suffering are simply unimaginable.

Accelerating efforts to advance the rights of adolescent girls
As leaders gather for the fifteen-year review of the Beijing Platform for Action, we, the members of the United Nations Adolescent Girls Task Force, jointly pledge to intensify our efforts to fulfil the human rights of adolescent girls.

Kids to countdown the charts!
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 March, 2010 – Children will be rocking the airwaves this coming International Children’s Day of Broadcasting on 7 March together with favourite AMP Radio DJs – Dina and Reza (ERA), Jin (, Jack Lim (MY FM) and Revathy (THR Raaga).

"Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities and Progress for All"
NEW YORK, 3 March 2010 – Remarks by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the Commission on the Status of Women High-Level Event marking International Women's Day.

TRAXXfm to celebrate All Rights, All Children with 24-hour LIVE broadcast
KUALA LUMPUR, 3 March 2010 – Malaysia’s TRAXXfm is standing fully on the side of children, with a special 24-hour LIVE broadcast on Sunday, 7 March to celebrate International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB).

Malaysian broadcasters say yes to children and their right to be heard
KUALA LUMPUR, 1 March 2010 – A host of TV and radio stations in Malaysia have united to celebrate children in conjunction with International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, observed this year on Sunday, 7 March with theme ‘All Rights, All Children’.

International Children’s Day of Broadcasting - All Rights, All Children
MEDIA ADVISORY * KUALA LUMPUR, 23 February 2010 - UNICEF invites media to our News Conference to learn about the exciting line-up of programs planned by Malaysian TV and radio stations to celebrate International Children's Day of Broadcasting on 7 March.

DevInfo roll-out completed: Putting evidence in the hands of decision-makers
NEW YORK, 11 February 2010 – DevInfo is a database system that harnesses the power of advanced information technology to compile and disseminate data on human development. The latest version – 6.0 – was officially launched in 2009.

SSM and UNICEF call for childcare centres in the workplace
KUALA LUMPUR, 1 February 2010 – The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) and UNICEF are jointly calling for the corporate and business environment in Malaysia to set up childcare centres to benefit the nation’s most precious resource, its children.

'State of the World's Children Special Edition' report launched in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, 25 January 2010 – In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), UNICEF launched the ‘State of the World’s Children Special Edition’ report in Malaysia.

Realising the promise of the Millennium Development Goals
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 January 2010 – As the world embraces the New Year with renewed hope for peace, human rights and development; the dawn of this new decade also marks the two-thirds point to realise the promise of the Millennium Declaration.

Malaysia’s wins regional children’s broadcasting radio award
KUALA LUMPUR, 28 September 2009 – “Listen Up!”, an half an hour radio special by RTM Radio’s station has won the 2009 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) regional award for best radio program in East Asia and Pacific.

Media Prima Radio Network supports International Literacy Day
KUALA LUMPUR, 1 September 2009 – Malaysia’s sought-after multi-language radio stations Hot.FM, Fly.FM and One.FM have united for a common cause – to defend every child’s right to learn to read and write.

Education for every child, everywhere
KUALA LUMPUR, 31 August 2009 – A child who is not literate is deprived of opportunities for education, participation and self-improvement. This International Literacy Day, UNICEF appeals for support to help ensure every child is literate.

Safe water still a dream for almost one billion people
KUALA LUMPUR, 18 August 2009 – Access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and improved hygiene are crucial for survival. Yet almost one billion people still go without due to a rising water demand and unreliable availability.

EFAInfo 2.0 to identify who are missing out on school, and why
BANGKOK/KUALA LUMPUR, 17 August 2009 — Asia and Pacific EFAInfo, a dedicated one-stop Education for All (EFA) database goes online today to help governments better identify which of their population’s children are not in school or not learning and why.

My future, my responsibility
KUALA LUMPUR, 12 August 2009 – If young people are the future of the nation and the world, then their voices should be heard today.

Youth explore peace through creative expression
TAIPING, 9 August 2009 – Faced with the challenge of becoming the peace-builders of the future, 50 youth aged between 15 and 18 from Taiping, Perak share their perspectives of peace during a Youth Leadership Training jointly organised by UNICEF and TPI.

Breastfeeding: A vital emergency response
KUALA LUMPUR, 1 August 2009 – Breastfeeding is a life-saving intervention during emergencies like drought, floods, earthquakes, epidemics, war, civil unrest, and severe political and economic upheaval.

Breaking the barrier of exclusion: Education and minority and indigenous groups
NEW YORK, 30 July 2009 – Worldwide, more than half of the children not attending school are from minority or indigenous populations, according to a report released this month by Minority Rights Group International, in collaboration with UNICEF.

With education, we can protect girls from exploitative work
KUALA LUMPUR, 12 June 2009 – Improving children’s access to quality education is fundamental to protecting them from being exploited for labour affirmed UNICEF on the tenth anniversary of the World Day against Child Labour.

Early childhood investments vital during economic crisis
KUALA LUMPUR, 24 April 2009 – The food and financial crisis places families under economic duress and affects the coping strategies of households, with the greatest impact on the developmental and protection rights of children in the early years.

Hear us out, before the transmission is lost!
KUALA LUMPUR, 26 April 2009 – The students of Taylor’s University College organised a youth conference to bring to light many environmental and global issues that the youth of today are concerned about.

Closing the gender gap: Youth and adult literacy and lifelong learning
20 April 2009 - No strategy for development has proven as effective as the empowerment of women, yet of the 500 million+ illiterate adults across the Asia and Pacific region, two-thirds are women.

Pregnancy complications kill half a million women annually, 80% preventable
KUALA LUMPUR, 24 March 2009 – A woman’s pregnancy is typically a period of great joy, and a cherished new life. However, for hundreds of thousands of families living in poverty, pregnancy is a silent emergency shrouded in heartbreak and tears.

World Water Day 2009
NEW YORK, 22 March 2009 – World Water Day 2009 calls for collective action to tackle the issue of access to safe drinking water and water sharing.

Malaysian teens reveal their lives and concerns through sixty-second videos
BANDARAYA MELAKA, 1 March 2009 – Qusyairi Zazili, 15, is a budding environmentalist with a concern he recently revealed at the first ‘OneMinutesJr’ video workshop hosted in Malaysia by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education.

Sixty-second videos give fresh meaning to teen realities
KUALA LUMPUR, 25 February 2009 (International Children's Day of Broadcasting) – Ever wondered if sixty seconds is enough time to tell a story that is poignant, funny, or inspiring?

Web4Dev conference kicks with an eye on the future of innovation
NEW YORK, 11 February 2009 – With plenty of bells and whistles, and not a few mobile phone alerts and Twitter chirps, the fifth annual ‘Web4Dev’ conference kicked off at UNICEF House today.

Vulnerable Malaysian children to tell their stories through 60-second videos
KUALA LUMPUR, 4 February 2009 – Every child has an interesting story to share. Few however, particularly from marginalised and vulnerable backgrounds, ever have the opportunity to do so.

UNICEF flagship report urges investment in a continuum of care for mothers and newborns
NEW YORK, 15 January 2009 – UNICEF’s flagship publication, ‘The State of the World’s Children 2009’ – launched today in South Africa – addresses maternal mortality, one of the most intractable problems for development work.

East Asia and Pacific countries discuss policies, measures to address Impact of Economic Crisis on Children
SINGAPORE, 6 January 2009 – At the start of a new year mired by a worsening economic crisis, key leaders in East Asia and the Pacific began discussions on how to protect children by maintaining or scaling up social spending despite tightening budgets.

UNICEF in 2009: Protecting and shaping children’s futures in challenging times
KUALA LUMPUR, 4 January 2009 – In the best of traditions, a new year offers much hope as we forge ahead with renewed optimism and dedication to protect childhood and build bright futures for our children.

Impact of the economic crisis on children
MEDIA ADVISORY: A press briefing with key leaders and experts examining cutting-edge research and good policy practices regarding the impact of the crisis on child health and nutrition, education, labour, and family income maintenance.

Dear child with special needs
KUALA LUMPUR, 16 November 2008 – You were born into this world just like any other child, needing love and protection. But even as you took your first breath outside of your mother’s womb, you had no idea that you would grow up to be misunderstood.

Health progress and challenges, 30 years after the Alma-Ata Declaration
ALMATY, Kazakhstan, 15 October 2008 – At the global health conference marking the 30th anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration on primary health care, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman said that health systems had to be scaled up

The Wiggles donate a song to UNICEF for first Global Handwashing Day
NEW YORK, 9 October 2008 – The popular Australian children’s musical entertainers, The Wiggles, have produced and donated a song to UNICEF to mark the first-ever Global Handwashing Day, to be observed on 15 October.

UNICEF and WHO China Statement on contaminated infant formula
BEIJING, 24 September 2008 - UNICEF and WHO Offices in China have observed with great sadness and concern the unfolding story of tainted infant formula produced by Sanlu and other companies.

At General Assembly event, a call for equity and action on development goals
NEW YORK, 23 September 2008 – On the opening day of the United Nations General Assembly session yesterday, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman said there is a long way to go to reach the Millennium Development Goals by their 2015 target date.

UNICEF pins on a white ribbon
NILAI, Negeri Sembilan, 22 September 2008 – During Ribbon Week, nursing students of Nilai University College proudly wore red, green, pink and white ribbons to raise awareness about maternal and child health, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS and organ donation.

Inadequate maternity leave a likely liability for breastfeeding
KUALA LUMPUR, 25 August 2008 – Breastfeeding patterns in Malaysia suggest that inadequate maternity leave may in fact be denying babies their right to mother’s milk.

Teach them to read, write and change their lives
KUALA LUMPUR, 19 August 2008 – UNICEF Malaysia marks this year’s International Literacy Day, themed ‘Literacy is the best remedy’, with a focus on improving education in terms of access, equity and quality, particularly for vulnerable groups of children.

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
NEW YORK, 8 August 2008 – The contribution and role of the World's Indigenous people has been celebrated and acknowledged by UNICEF today, on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

The State of Asia Pacific's Children Report 2008 is launched
BANGKOK / NEW DELHI, 5 August 2008 – Global achievement of the health related Millennium Development Goals depends largely on India and China, according to a new UNICEF report which examines the latest trends in child and maternal health.

UNICEF celebrates World Breastfeeding Week in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, 25 July 2008 - As the world waits to welcome the 2008 Beijing Olympics on 8 August, UNICEF stands firmly in support of mothers in Malaysia who are striving to achieve the gold standard of infant feeding.

Babies are meant to be breastfed
KUALA LUMPUR, 23 July 2008 – Babies are meant to be breastfed. Research has consistently proven that mother’s milk is the best nutrition for babies, and there is simply no infant formula product that can match the superior nutrition of mother’s milk.

J8 Summit widens the horizons of participants, including a 16-year-old US delegate
NEW YORK, USA, 18 July 2008 – The 2008 Junior 8 Summit concluded in Japan last week with a standing ovation from all 39 delegates.

UNICEF joins UNFPA and Columbia University to promote maternal and newborn care
NEW YORK, 18 July 2008 – Acting on a shared commitment to women and their families, UNICEF has joined UNFPA and Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in an alliance to help reduce maternal and newborn mortality worldwide.

‘The Survival Project’: CNN program shines spotlight on UNICEF work
KUALA LUMPUR, 4 July 2008 – UNICEF will be the focus of a special global broadcast on CNN and CNN International this Monday. The Survival Project: One Child at a Time will feature work that UNICEF is doing to protect and support children.

Malaysian boy's aquathalon raises RM 25,000 for children of Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis
KUALA LUMPUR, 27 June 2008 – He is only thirteen years old, yet, Malaysia’s Tristan Lim Yang-Jun decided that his age was not going to be a barrier to helping his peers in Myanmar struggling to survive the devastation of Cyclone Nargis.

New UNICEF report reveals progress made in reducing iodine deficiency
NEW YORK, USA, 26 June 2008 – A new UNICEF report reveals that, over a period of almost two decades, enormous progress has been made in protecting children and mothers from the debilitating effects of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD).

MERCY teams up with UNICEF for Malaysia’s vulnerable children
KUALA LUMPUR, 26 June 2008 – Despite Malaysia’s remarkable success in achieving many of the Millennium Development Goals, some 7,000 children under five years old continue to die each year from preventable and treatable diseases.

Breastfeeding, the only option for infants, regardless of food price hikes
KUALA LUMPUR, 17 June 2008 – Regardless of price hikes in food and other essentials, breastfeeding must at all times be considered the only option for infants cautions UNICEF in response to a newspaper report today.

Education the key to freeing tens of millions of children from hazardous labour
NEW YORK, 12 June 2008 – UNICEF estimates that there are 158 million children under the age of 15 who are trapped in child labour around the world. The vast majority of these children have little or no hope of accessing an education.

World Environment Day 2008
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 June 2008 – Our countries and communities are at risk. Rising sea levels and melting ice caps … severe weather events … cyclones, droughts and flooding are but a few of the increasing environmental impacts challenging children today.

At Executive Board opening, Ann M. Veneman outlines key achievements for children
NEW YORK, 4 June 2008 – Executive Director Ann M. Veneman presented UNICEF’s annual report to the Executive Board’s second regular session of 2008, which began yesterday at United Nations headquarters in New York.

GIS students dig deep into their pockets to help Myanmar’s children
KUALA LUMPUR, 2 June 2008 – With empathy and generosity in their hearts, students of Malaysia’s Garden International School came together recently to raise RM 29,708 for Myanmar’s children who survived Cyclone Nargis.

Indigenous youth make their voices heard at global caucus
NEW YORK, 2 June 2008 – At the seventh session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, held in New York in April, the youngest generation of indigenous people from around the world came together as one body to highlight the problems they face.

UNICEF welcomes the ratification of the UN Disabilities Convention
NEW YORK, 12 May 2008 - The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol, which came into force on 3 May 2008, is the first human right treaty of the 21st century.

Strong fathers, strong families
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 May 2008 – Fathers have an important, constructive role to play in families, particularly in their children’s development.

A deeper understanding of Islam to fight poverty
NEW YORK, 30 April 2008 – UNICEF Representative in Iran Christian Salazar has called for a deeper understanding of Islam to more effectively fight poverty in Islamic nations.

Statement by Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on food price increases
NEW YORK, 24 April 2008 - UNICEF joins the World Food Program and other UN agencies in expressing concern that food price increases are having negative social and economic impacts, especially in low income and least developed countries.

‘Rethinking Poverty’ conference cites risks to children posed by rising global insecurity
NEW YORK, 22 April 2008 – Participants in an international conference here have been told that global uncertainty and rising terrorism and violence will lead to an increase in the number of people – including children – living in poverty.

A second Child Survival Revolution to achieve goals for children
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 April 2008 – UNICEF aims to inspire a second Child Survival Revolution like it did in the eighties to accelerate actions to reduce child deaths, using simple and cost effective integrated community health strategies.

UNICEF highlights water and sanitation at G8 Development Ministers’ Meeting in Tokyo
TOKYO, Japan, 11 April 2008 – UNICEF had an unprecedented opportunity to address the G8 Development Ministers’ Meeting on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and human security issues, which concluded earlier this week in Tokyo.

David Beckham urges children to use Junior 8 Summit to make their voices heard
LONDON, 20 March 2008 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham has called on young people to take part in UNICEF’s Junior 8 Summit, a young person’s version of the annual G8 meeting of world leaders.

Call to action to stop the use of breastmilk substitutes in emergencies
JAKARTA, 20 March 2008 - The lives of babies and young children are being put at risk by the inappropriate use of breastmilk substitutes, particularly in emergency situations, says a coalition of more than 100 nutrition and emergency experts.

UNICEF promotes safe sanitation for World Water Day 2008
NEW YORK, 19 March 2008 – On World Water Day tomorrow, as on every other day, some 2.5 billion people will be ‘doing their business’ somewhere other than in a toilet or latrine. That is not a statistic many people want to examine too closely.

UNICEF call for entries for children broadcasting awards
NEW YORK, 10 March 2008 - UNICEF today called for entries from broadcasters for the 2008 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Awards.

UNICEF marks International Women’s Day by stressing importance of investing in maternal health
NEW YORK, 7 March 2008 – UNICEF is marking International Women’s Day 2008 (8 March) by drawing attention to the need for improvements in maternal health care.

UNICEF: Child survival lies at the heart of human progress
KUALA LUMPUR, 26 February 2008 – UNICEF’s annual flagship report this year assesses the situation of child survival and primary health care for mothers, newborns and children, showcasing how these issues lie at the heart of human progress.

UNICEF Executive Board members visit child friendly school in northern Lao PDR
OUDOMXAY, NORTHERN LAO PDR, 13 February 2008 - Children at Nongboua primary school in Oudomxay’s La district laid on a warm welcome for a visiting delegation from the Executive Board of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Consultation on maternal and child health inequities held in New York
NEW YORK, 12 February 2008 – Ensuring that poor and marginalised children and mothers have access to quality health care services was the main subject at the UNICEF-convened consultation, ‘Increasing the Contribution of Health Systems to Health Equity’.

UNICEF Executive Board opens its first session of the new year
NEW YORK, 30 January 2008 – UNICEF’s Executive Board convened its first regular session of 2008 yesterday in the Economic and Social Council chamber at United Nations headquarters in New York.

UNICEF flagship report says community health programs are key to reducing child mortality
NEW YORK, 22 January 2008 – Fatma, 2, is one of the thousands of Kenyan children whose lives have been saved by a cheap and simple preventive health measure.

UNICEF and youth: Working together for 'A World Fit for Children'
NEW YORK, 15 January 2008 – The year 2007 marked the five-year anniversary celebration of the UN plan of action, ‘A World Fit For Children’ – a commitment by world leaders to protect and promote child rights.

UNICEF welcomes International Year of Sanitation 2008
NEW YORK, 1 January 2008 – UNICEF today officially welcomed the first day of the International Year of Sanitation 2008.

UN General Assembly plenary closes with renewed commitment to children
NEW YORK, USA, 13 December 2007 – This week’s landmark United Nations General Assembly plenary ended today with a renewed commitment to meeting the goals laid out five years ago in ‘A World Fit for Children’.

Children initiate UN discussions on education and climate change
NEW YORK, USA, 12 December 2007 – As policy makers and scientists from around the world discuss responses to climate change at a UN conference in Bali, young people convening at the UN in New York added their voices to the debate.

UN General Assembly opens high-level meeting on children’s issues
NEW YORK, USA, 11 December 2007 – The United Nations General Assembly began high-level talks on Tuesday, convening for a commemorative plenary meeting devoted to following up on the outcome of the 2002 Special Session on Children.

‘Progress for Children’ – UNICEF launches five-year report on Special Session goals
NEW YORK, USA, 10 December 2007 – Five years after world leaders gathered at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children, UNICEF today launches ‘Progress for Children: A World Fit for Children Statistical Review’.

Youth Forum sets stage for ‘A World Fit for Children Plus 5’ UN meeting
NEW YORK, USA, 9 December 2007 – About 75 children from more than 50 countries met at UNICEF headquarters in New York today to prepare for a United Nations session on children’s rights this week.

Celebrating Youth Leadership in Action
MEDIA INVITE, KUALA LUMPUR - While young people have been referred to as the 'hope' to halt and reverse the course of the epidemic, not enough has been done to engage them as leaders in national responses to HIV.

All rights for all children - CRC@18
MEDIA ADVISORY – 20 November is a special date for all of us. Eighteen years ago on this date, the world came together to say yes to children; that children have the same general human rights as adults.

Women Deliver’ conference set to spur global action on maternal mortality
NEW YORK, 17 October 2007 – Every minute of every day, a woman dies needlessly during pregnancy or childbirth, mostly in the developing world.

UN Secretary-General hosts ‘Stand Up against Poverty’ event
NEW YORK, 17 October 2007 – Hundreds of people joined Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the International Day of the Eradication of Poverty, and Stand Up against Poverty 2007.

The right to food
MEDIA ADVISORY – KUALA LUMPUR, 4 October 2007 – Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 first recognised the right to food as a human right, severe food insecurity continues to affect at least one-seventh of the world’s people.

Leaders at Clinton Global Initiative renew commitments to health and education
NEW YORK, 26 September 2007 – UNICEF has received US$30 million to educate children affected by conflict, especially in Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, as well as a pledge of US$1 billion to improve maternal and child health worldwide.

In a child survival milestone, under-five deaths fall below 10 million per year
NEW YORK, USA, 13 September 2007 – The world has reached an important milestone on child survival. For the first time in modern history, the number of children dying before the age of five has fallen below 10 million per year.

‘Goals for Girls!’ campaign kicks off
NEW YORK, USA, 7 September 2007 – In the run-up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup China 2007, which takes place from 10 through 30 September, UNICEF has launched a new set of dynamic public service announcements.

ICDB 2007 – The World We Want
KUALA LUMPUR, 30 August 2007 – This year, the International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) will take place on Sunday, 9 December 2007 with the theme “The World We Want.”

Malaysia scores high marks to reduce under-weight prevalence
KUALA LUMPUR, 22 August 2007 – Malaysia has experienced the fastest rate of decline in underweight prevalence in the East Asia and Pacific region said the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) during the 10th ASEAN Food Conference held recently.

Food fortification could help reduce poverty and undernutrition in East Asia
KUALA LUMPUR, 22 August 2007 – With prevailing under-nutrition threatening millions of unborn babies and children in the region, the FFI urged governments in East Asia and Pacific to offer protection by requiring staple foods to be fortified.

Tackling Hidden Hunger
MEDIA INVITE, KUALA LUMPUR, 16 August 2007 - Children are not starving to death in this region—but they are dying because they are under-nourished. So are their mothers.

The universal power of breastfeeding
PENANG, 1 August 2007 - "The magnificent power of breastfeeding is beautifully and systematically celebrated again worldwide this year during World Breastfeeding Week. I often describe this power as the five petals of a beautiful flower!"

Baby Bubbly is born!
BANGKOK, 1 August 2007 - As part of World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August), UNICEF and WHO are pleased to announce the birth of Baby Bubbly, an animated character that aims to promote breastfeeding within the first hour of life.

Folklore inspiration to improve Malaysian Orang Asli children’s literacy
KUALA LUMPUR, 25 July 2007 – Malaysia’s Orang Asli children will soon get to improve their literacy skills as a result of a specially tailored education program which will incorporate Orang Asli folklores and legends into teaching and learning aids.

First hour of breastfeeding can save more than one million babies
MEDIA ADVISORY. KUALA LUMPUR, 20 July 2007 – This year’s World Breastfeeding Week highlights the remarkable first hour of life for a mother and baby, and how immediate and exclusive breastfeeding for six months can save more than ONE million babies.

San Rossore 2007 Conference explores a new global vision for children and women
SAN ROSSORE PARK, Tuscany, Italy, 19 July 2007 – UNICEF joined forces with the Tuscany Region today at a conference in San Rossore under the theme: “Children and Women: Fulfilling their rights, developing their talents, advancing the Millennium Agenda.”

Gender inequality saps gains in basic education: East Asia/Pacific
As part of the East Asia and Pacific United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), a panel of experts will debate the pressing gender issues at the one-day Roundtable.

Progress towards development targets is mixed, UN finds
UNITED NATIONS, GENEVA, 2 July 2007 – Halfway to a 2015 deadline, there has been clear progress towards implementing the Millennium Development Goals, a set of global commitments to lift millions of people out of extreme poverty.

WHO and UNICEF call for renewed commitment to breastfeeding
MANILA, 20 June 2007 – Exclusive breastfeeding rates in East Asia and the Pacific are just 61% at four months of babies' lives and even lower, at 35%, at six months.

Junior 8 delegates present youth perspectives to G8 world leaders
NEW YORK, 7 June 2007– For nine young people participating in the Junior 8 Summit in Germany, today was the opportunity of a lifetime. They were chosen by peers from 18 countries to present the J8 recommendations to world leaders attending the G8 Summit.

Executive Board reviews progress and achievements for children in 2006
NEW YORK, 4 June 2007 – UNICEF’s Executive Board today opened its annual session in New York. During the four-day meeting, board members will, amongst others, review the organisation’s 2006 Annual Report and discuss country programs.

J8 Summit opens in Germany
WISMAR, Germany, 3 June 2007 – Young people from Group of 8 industrialised countries and the developing world, as well as German federal and state government officials, have gathered here for the official opening of the Junior 8 Summit.

On Global Action Week on Education, millions of children still not in school
NEW YORK, 23 April 2007 – As the world celebrates Global Action Week on Education, UNICEF urges donors and governments to keep their promises on education by reinforcing their commitment to the MDG goal of universal primary education by 2015.

With participation of disabled youth, UN treaty on the rights of the disabled signed
NEW YORK, 2 April 2007 – A new treaty to ensure the human rights of the estimated 650 million people in the world with disabilities opened for signature on March 30 during a special session of the United Nations General Assembly.

UNICEF calls for entries for children's Broadcasting Award
NEW YORK, 1 April 2007 - UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today called for entries from broadcasters for the 2007 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award.

UNICEF Executive Director joins Starbucks and Ethos ‘Walk for Water’
NEW YORK, 22 March 2007 – Marking international World Water Day, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman today joined more than 250 schoolchildren and hundreds of other New Yorkers in a ‘Walk for Water’ to highlight the global water crisis.

Marginalised girls take centre stage at UN panel on unleashing their potential
NEW YORK, 6 March 2007 – A panel of young women dedicated to improving the lives of marginalised girls shared their experiences during a panel discussion at United Nations headquarters this afternoon.

At UN panel, girls describe challenges keeping their peers out of school
NEW YORK, 1 March 2007 – Youth panellists shared the experiences and challenges of girls growing up in their four different countries today at a discussion hosted by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) in New York.

Youth voices heard at opening of UN Commission on the Status of Women
NEW YORK, 26 February 2007 – The 51st Session of the Commission on the Status of Women opened at United Nations headquarters in New York this morning, launching two weeks of discussions and events in the run-up to International Women’s Day.

UNICEF encourages national budget-makers to focus on human rights
NEW YORK, 1 February 2007 – UNICEF hosted a gathering in New York this week to step up the international dialogue on converting national budgets and fiscal policies into instruments for the realisation of human rights.

Board concludes its first session of 2007
NEW YORK, 18 January 2007 – On the final day of the UNICEF Executive Board’s first session of 2007, discussions on budget issues, child hunger and undernutrition, education and child protection topped the agenda.

UNICEF Executive Board opens its first regular session of 2007
NEW YORK, 16 January 2007 – UNICEF’s Executive Board today convened its first regular session of 2007 at the UN in New York. The Executive Board is UNICEF’s governing body, which oversees the activities of the agency and provides intergovernment support.

Young Malaysians speak up on issues affecting their lives
KUALA LUMPUR, 14 December 2006 – Close to sixty young leaders in Malaysia came together to discuss issues confronting their generation today during a “Youth Speak Out” dialogue with the Chairman of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Kids tell ASEAN: build one caring and sharing community for children
ANTIPOLO CITY PHILIPPINES, 13 December 2006 - Child delegates, at the conclusion of the first South East Asian Children’s Conference, called on their leaders to give children more priority in the region’s development.

UNICEF flagship report says gender equality benefits both women and children
NEW YORK, 10 December 2006 – On its 60th anniversary today, UNICEF is launching a report that says gender equality is critical to child survival and development.

Young Malaysians to speak up on issues affecting their lives
MEDIA ADVISORY. KUALA LUMPUR, 8 December 2006 - UNICEF will bring together a group of 50 youth leaders representing its various programs for a dialogue with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Chairman and UNICEF's Representative to Malaysia.

‘Global Monitoring Report’ links early childhood care with lifelong benefits
NEW YORK, 26 October 2006 – Early childhood care and education make a real and lasting difference in children’s lives, says this year’s ‘Education for All Global Monitoring Report’, released by UNESCO and launched today at UNICEF headquarters in New York.

Children pay the price for lack of safe water and sanitation
NEW YORK, 28 September 2006 – More than 1.2 billion people have gained access to safe water since 1990, according to Progress for Children: A Report Card on Water and Sanitation, launched today by UNICEF.

Tracking Progress on Child Survival
NEW YORK, 18 September 2006 - Political leaders and health experts gather in New York today to discuss how to prevent the deaths of millions of children before their fifth birthday.

“Reaching the Hard to Reach” from Malaysia bound for first international community film-festival
KUALA LUMPUR, 8 September 2006 – A mini-documentary produced by the UNICEF which features Malaysia’s successful Sarawak Village Health Promoters Program will be screened at the first International Community Film Festival.

UNICEF backs government efforts to ensure Lebanese children return to school on time
BEIRUT/AMMAN/TYRE, 16 August 2006 – With a fragile ceasefire continuing to hold in south Lebanon, UNICEF and sister agencies are stepping up efforts to bring humanitarian aid to the tens of thousands of displaced people as they return to their villages.

Breastfeeding: A simple way to save young lives
NEW YORK, 1 August 2006 – In a developing country, a child who is breastfed is almost three times more likely to survive infancy than a child who is not breastfed, UNICEF said today at the start of World Breastfeeding Week.

Children of Junior 8 gather to share views with G8 world leaders
PUSHKIN, 10 July – Young people from G8 countries today opened the “Junior 8” in Pushkin, near St. Petersburg. With an agenda that parallels the G8 itself, they will have the opportunity to share their views directly with the world’s leaders.

Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on the Annual Session of the UNICEF Executive Board
NEW YORK, 5 June 2006 – "Thank you very much, Mr. President. ... It is a pleasure to address the 2006 Annual Session of the UNICEF Executive Board.

Village Health Promoters bringing care to rural communities in Malaysia
SARAWAK, 26 May 2006 – Rudy anak Dugu, 9, experiences life as most boys his age do: He goes to school, enjoys sports and does his chores. But unlike most other young boys in Malaysia, if Rudy gets sick, he may have to travel an hour or more for help.

A quarter of the world’s children seriously underweight
NEW YORK, 2 May 2006 - More than one quarter of all children under the age of five in developing countries are underweight, many to a life-threatening degree, says a UNICEF report published today.

UNICEF calls for entries for UNICEF/OneWorld Radio Prize
NEW YORK, 28 April 2006 – UNICEF and OneWorld Radio Africa today called for entries for the UNICEF/OneWorld Radio Contest, which seeks to highlight youth participation in media.

UNICEF calls for entries for Children’s Broadcasting Award
NEW YORK, 18 April 2006 - UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today called for entries from broadcasters for the 2006 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award.

Children out of sight, out of mind, out of reach
KUALA LUMPUR, 6 April 2006 – Millions of children around the world are suffering from severe exploitation and discrimination and have become virtually invisible to the world according to UNICEF’s annual report, "The State of the World’s Children" 2006.

UNICEF, YMCA team up to promote youth leadership
GENEVA, 14 March 2006 – UNICEF and the World Alliance of YMCAs announced the launch of a formal alliance to work together to support and promote child development, health, education and values of equality, respect and tolerance.

Veneman recaps year of increased humanitarian relief work for UNICEF
NEW YORK, 16 January 2006 - A potential Avian Flu outbreak, new partnerships in the fight against AIDS, and striving to meet the MDGs, by attending to the world's most vulnerable children, were just some of the many challenges UNICEF took on in 2005.

Investing in children in the Islamic world
NEW YORK, 21 September 2005 – A landmark joint report launched today gives a unique insight into the opportunities and challenges facing 600 million children across the Islamic world.

Four-year-old Su-Sze raises $8,800 for children in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, 8 August 2005 – Four-year-old Kam Su-Sze from Malaysia has done her parents and her country proud by raising more than RM 33,000 (about $8,800) for UNICEF, through the sale of postcards showcasing her art.

Breastfeeding and complementary feeding can save close to 2 million lives yearly
KUALA LUMPUR, 29 July 2005 – As part of World Breastfeeding Week which begins on 1 August, UNICEF reminds women and families of the vital importance of complementary feeding.

Early investments in education pay off for Malaysian girls today
KUALA LUMPUR, 28 April 2005 – Girls in Malaysia today have equal opportunities and choices with boys to succeed in life thanks to the Government’s foresight in prioritising and investing in an “Education for All” program as early as in the 1950s.

UNICEF: Childhood, a brutal experience for 1 billion children
KUALA LUMPUR, 9 December 2004 - Despite the near universal embrace of standards for protecting childhood, UNICEF’s flagship report – The State of the World’s Children 2005 shows that more than half the world’s young population are suffering.

UNICEF Report: Malaysia scores high marks to reduce child deaths
KUALA LUMPUR, 18 November 2004 – New country-by-country data released by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) reveals Malaysia’s remarkable achievements to reduce its under-five child mortality rates.



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