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Ahnaf and Amanda webchatting with Carol Bellamy for SOWC 2005

Following the World Summit on Children in 1990 and Malaysia’s formulation of the National Plan of Action for Children (NPA), the Social Welfare Department and UNICEF work, hand-in-hand, to promote child participation in civil rights which include rights to information, expression and decision making.

Through this partnership, children and adolescents are trained to be facilitators and peer educators to promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child and create awareness for the prevention of violence and abuse against children. Young Malaysians are also given opportunities to contribute to the preparation of the NPA for 2001-2010; and to participate in various international and regional meetings. 

In recognition of the special place young people have in society, Malaysia’s launch of the Say Yes campaign, part of the Global Movement for Children in 2001, was officiated by the Prime Minister. Malaysia's children also attended the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children in 2002.

In 2006, UNICEF continued its partnership with the Social Welfare Department to document Malaysia’s best practices on child participation.




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