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Protecting children’s right to an education

§ RM 50 will provide for instructional and fun learning tools and teaching aids to motivate 6 primary school children from rural and remote areas of Malaysia.

§ RM 100 will aim to inspire 5 Orang Asli children to learn and participate in school and learning through use of cultural folklores and story-telling in education curriculum.

Protecting children and youth from HIV

§ RM 50 will support efforts to strengthen protection for some 6 children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

§ RM 100 will facilitate youth-friendly education and services for 8 students, equipping them with both the facts and skills to adopt healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk of HIV.

Protecting children from violence in schools

§ RM 50 will guide 2 children to create a bully-free environment in their schools, through lessons and activities to manage school bullying.

§ RM 100 will equip teachers with knowledge and skills to use positive disciplining methods, benefitting 4 students.





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Give to children


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