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Sichuan Earthquake Appeal

Children and women in the earthquake zone require urgent life-saving assistance. UNICEF is working to respond to the immediate needs of emergency-affected communities




Health services in the earthquake zone are currently being provided in tents pitched on hospital grounds, due to fears of the structural instability of buildings. Medical supplies are urgently needed to provide emergency care for earthquake survivors, thousands of whom are injured.

Urgent Actions

§ Provision of emergency obstetric and neonatal equipment, including delivery kits, first aid kits, oxygen packs, etc

§ Support to essential health services for children and women, including outreach services to remote areas

§ Support to measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and Hepatitis A vaccination campaigns

§ Replacement of damaged/destroyed cold chain

§ Provision of micronutrient sachets and support to surveillance services to monitor children's and pregnant women's nutritional status

§ Promotion of breastfeeding through training and communication activities



Lushan has 24 primary schools, with 8,536 students enrolled and 6 secondary schools, with 5,099 students enrolled. Because the earthquake struck on a Saturday, class was not in session at the time of the emergency. No schools are reported to have collapsed, but normal education services have been interrupted in the early recovery period.

UNICEF's experience in emergencies has found that returning children to school is critical to supporting their psychosocial health and providing them with a sense of normalcy. Education must not be interrupted.

Urgent Actions

§ Support to the provision of community-based, integrated early childhood development services

§ Technical assistance to quickly normalize the return to school for children living in the devastated areas, and ensure the provision of high quality education

§ Psychosocial support to teachers and schoolchildren as needed in both day schools and boarding schools



At present, about 1 million people are short of drinking water. The water sector is attempting to repair the heavily damaged water supply system, install some temporary water supply facilities, and truck water to settlements.

Temporary latrines are also urgently needed, as existing toilets cannot be flushed, and it is unsafe to use indoor toilets, as houses and other buildings sustained damage in the earthquake.

Urgent Actions

§ Provision of mobile latrines in 8 county-level hospitals, 26 township-level hospitals and 3 Child Friendly Spaces in the 2 worst affected counties (Lushan and Baoxing)

§ Provision of 10,000 hygiene kits to children and adolescents, containing soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, towels and other personal hygiene supplies

§ Monitoring of earthquake-affected population's access to and quality of water and sanitation facilities in settlement camps, schools and communities

§ Promotion on health and hygiene in community.



Given the loss of lives caused by the earthquake and the extensive damage caused to homes and communities, psychological distress to children and other vulnerable groups has been identified as a grave concern.

Urgent Actions

§ Establishment of Child-Friendly Spaces: (1) reactivation of the Longmen Child Friendly Space, which provided services in 2008-2011; (2) support to the provision of services through the existing Qingren Child Friendly Space;(3) establishment of 3 additional Child Friendly Spaces in the most affected villages and townships of the earthquake zone including Tianquan County. The 3 Child Friendly Spaces will provide community-based services for children, including psychosocial support, play, recreation, heath communication, and child protection.

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