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UNICEF has been working for the survival and development of children in Malaysia for over 50 years.

But we cannot give children the lasting gift of life, education and protection, without your regular gift.

Pledge monthly to transform lives

By pledging a monthly or half-yearly donation, you will be helping to transform the lives of children in difficult circumstances and giving them hope for the future.

You can make your pledge either through a credit card or via auto-debit from a Maybank (MBB) account.

Because monthly and 6-monthly donations are processed automatically, this helps us reduce our administrative costs— which allows us to fund more programs and help more children.

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Invest in the future

As our country programs are long-term and permanent, your monthly donations allow us to focus on teaching, encouraging and mentoring local communities to build local capacity and help their own children.

It also allows us to focus on strategic long-term goals in order to provide permanent solutions to ongoing worldwide difficulties for children.

Your gift will go towards improving the health, education and protection of children in Malaysia on a regular basis. (Learn more)

Make your pledge today to help the children of Malaysia survive and thrive.





Regular Gifts for Children in Malaysia

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