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Selecting our partners

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UNICEF enters into alliances that are mutually beneficial and that leverage each organisation’s collective strengths.

Long-term alliances are particularly important to UNICEF to ensure sustainability for children.

Choosing the Best Ally and Alliance
UNICEF applies two guiding principles when contemplating an alliance with a member of the business community:

1) The Best Ally: We look for alliances with entities that:

§ Display corporate responsibility and leadership in the community

§ Make a positive contribution to society

§ Have a record of socially-responsible behavior

§ Have a positive public and/or product/service image

§ Have a history of commitment to development-related causes

§ Have responsible labour practices

§ Employ responsible environmental practices

2) The Best Alliance: UNICEF evaluates if the proposed alliance will help our work for the survival, protection, and development of children in pursuance of their rights.

Companies we don't work with
UNICEF has identified exclusionary criteria which help us determine who we can and cannot work with. Some companies and businesses are unacceptable under any circumstances. These include:

§ Businesses in the armaments and weapons sector

§ Toy manufacturers manufacturing replica weapons marketed to children

§ Manufacturers of infant formula whose marketing practices violate the International Code for the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes

§ Alcohol and tobacco companies

§ Companies involved in pornography, exploitative and/or corrupt practices

§ Companies which violate United Nations sanctions

§ Companies found in violation of environmental laws

UNICEF is prepared to consider alliances with corporate affiliates of companies in the alcohol or tobacco industry, but only within strict limits.





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