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CSR for children

                                                            © UNICEF Malaysia/2011

Businesses and corporates can play an important role to protect children’s wellbeing and advance child rights in a fulfilling and enriching way through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that goes beyond philanthropy.

CSR is the responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment. The private sector can make an important contribution towards the realisation of child rights not only through its own practices and policies, but also by using its influence to change attitudes, policies and institutions.

Child focused CSR contributes to sustainable development, including health and the welfare of children. It also takes into account the expectations of children and their family as stakeholders. Businesses can strengthen their existing corporate sustainability initiatives while ensuring benefits for their business when they integrate respect and support for children’s rights into their strategies and operations.

UNICEF seeks to shape the CSR and child rights agenda by promoting child rights as a core topic within the business and human rights agenda.

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP), launched on 12 March 2012, is the first comprehensive set of principles to guide companies and businesses on the full range of actions they may take in the workplace, marketplace and community to respect and support children’s rights.



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