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Here are some ideas for children to take the lead for Universal Children’s Day and to champion your rights in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC):

§ Organise a Universal Children’s Day festival at school. Set up booths with audio or visual presentations on themes such as children and the family, the participation rights of children and teens, or healthy minds and healthy bodies.

§ Create a newsletter on the rights of children and teens. Share the newsletter with your family, neighbourhood, the community.

§ Make a list of improvements you would like to see for children living in your community. Discuss ways that organisations and teens themselves can take action.

§ Organise an essay contest on the CRC in which schoolmates pick a specific right and explain why that right is important to them. Publish the winning essay in the school paper or a newspaper.

§ Organise and participate in a model parliamentary debate on a right or group of rights featured in the CRC.

§ Identify a right or group of rights that children from some parts of the world do not enjoy. Have a discussion on what action you can take to improve the situation.

§ Invite speakers from a children's rights organisation to talk about their work and how you can help make a difference.

§ View a film on children's rights based on the CRC. Discuss some of the issues raised by the film.






Universal Children's Day


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