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Unite against AIDS

Act now to ensure an AIDS-free generation

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In Malaysia and around the world, children are missing their childhood because of HIV and AIDS. They are missing mothers, fathers, and siblings.

Children are missing an education, healthcare and the chance to have a healthy future.

Left unprotected from stigma, abuse, exploitation and illness, children are suffering not only because of HIV and AIDS itself, but because the world has not recognised that AIDS is wreaking havoc on childhood.

Our positions

§ All children have the right to be born free of HIV infection.

§ All children and young people have the right to information, services and tools to protect themselves from HIV infection.

§ All HIV-positive children have the right to HIV paediatric care, treatment and support.

§ All HIV-infected and affected children and their families have the right to live fulfilling lives free of stigma and discrimination.

Take action!

§ Get the facts so you can protect yourself and your loved ones from HIV infection.

§ Stand up against stigma and discrimination targeted at people living with HIV and AIDS.

§ Encourage your leaders to introduce policies and programs to protect children from the harm of HIV.

§ Spread the word about HIV and AIDS and the Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign.

§ Donate to the campaign to help UNICEF deliver much needed services and programs. 

The campaign

Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS is a global campaign by UNICEF and UNAIDS to alert the world to the fact that children are missing from the global AIDS agenda. The campaign was launched in Malaysia on 25 November 2005.

Working together, we can protect children by taking bold and decisive action to prevent new infections and improve the quality of care and treatment for those who are HIV-positive.

We must act now to ensure an AIDS-free generation.








Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS

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