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Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS is a global campaign by UNICEF and UNAIDS to alert the world to the fact that children are missing from the global AIDS agenda.

Convened in 2005, the campaign provides a platform for urgent and sustained programs, advocacy and fundraising to limit the impact of HIV and AIDS on children and reverse the spread of the disease. It also aims to inspire all sectors of society to work in partnership to advance action for children, adolescents and young people affected by this epidemic.

The global campaign will provide a child-focused framework for nationally owned programs around ‘Four Ps’ - urgent imperatives that can make a real difference in the lives and life chances of children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission
By 2010, offer appropriate services to 80 per cent of women in need

Provide paediatric treatment
By 2010, provide either antiretroviral treatment or cotrimoxazole, or both, to 80 per cent of children in need

Prevent HIV infection among adolescents and young people
By 2010, reduce the percentage of young people living with HIV by 25 per cent globally

Protect and support children affected by HIV and AIDS
By 2010, reach 80 per cent of children most in need

For more information about these objectives, please visit the Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS global site. 





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