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Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS calls upon every part of global society to join together to put the care and protection of children, adolescents and young people at the centre of the HIV and AIDS agenda. Specifically, the campaign works to:

Mobilise resources.
The campaign will press for increased global funding for AIDS, with part of this specifically earmarked for children affected by the disease.

Foster corporate social responsibility.
The campaign will lobby for all corporations operating in high-prevalence countries to develop socially responsible policies for workers, their families and the communities in which they are based, since these ultimately also protect children.

Move toward universal access to antiretroviral treatment.
The campaign will provide a platform for continued and intensified advocacy for increased pharmaceutical research and development of paediatric formulations by governments, academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies from both rich and poor countries.

Reduce the price of existing treatment and testing for children.
The campaign will provide a platform for continued advocacy to ensure that treatment and testing of HIV becomes universally accessible to children everywhere.

Work toward ending school user fees.
The campaign will provide a platform for continued advocacy for international financial institutions to give all possible support to measures to abolish these user fees and ensure all children have the opportunity to attend school.





Unite against AIDS

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