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1. Stay safe
One of the best ways to support the campaign is to ensure that you get the facts about HIV and AIDS so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from HIV infection. If you know the facts about HIV and AIDS, how it is transmitted, how to prevent it, you are way ahead of most people.

2. Do not discriminate
People living with HIV or AIDS need love, support and understanding. They are not bad people, and they are not being punished. No one deserves HIV or AIDS, and no one deserves to be treated badly because he or she is infected. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone if you know they are HIV-positive. And always stand up against discrimination targeted at people living with HIV and AIDS.

3. Educate others
Alert people in your school, community and workplace to the fact that AIDS is a disease that affects adults as well as millions of children who are adversely affected by the AIDS pandemic. Don’t forget to teach them the facts!

4. Spread the word
Access resources from the Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS website and help spread the word! Do you send e-mail, post on message boards or have your own blog or website? If so then you can help build this campaign online by using materials from our resource centre.

5. Advocate for children
Press your leaders to recognise the affect of HIV and AIDS on children and to make sure that children have a prominent place in discussions about AIDS, and that addressing their specific needs are a part of any HIV and AIDS programs and budgets.

6. Donate to children
Commit resources to UNICEF and our partners to help us deliver much needed services and programs to achieve the campaign’s objectives.

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Unite against AIDS

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