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UNICEF in education

We support countries and communities in providing more children with access to primary education and early childhood development programs, making schools more child friendly by improving teaching and learning processes, and helping get children back in school during natural disasters and other crises.

Our work in Malaysia includes programs in the following areas:

§ Early childhood education

We supported training for community pre-school teachers who serve disadvantaged children, to help them improve their teaching materials and lesson plans.

§ 2) Education access for undocumented children

UNICEF has helped provide refugee and undocumented children with quality basic education. At the Kg. Numbak learning centre, a large majority of the children were illiterate, but today, 70% of them have acquired the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.


Although these developments are significant, there remains much more to be done. Bold and sustained action is needed to ensure that we meet every child's right to learn.

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