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Tune in to Me!

Inspiring communities and individuals to honour children’s right to be heard

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Tune in to Me honours Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and celebrates children’s right to be heard. The right to expression of opinion is a fundamental right from the moment of birth. It is not earned or granted at a certain age.

Children who are encouraged to express their opinions learn to take responsibility and become better at making decisions. Children who are encouraged to ask questions are more likely to develop the ability for critical thinking. These are important qualities of good citizenship.

Our positions

§ All children, girls and boys, have the right to express themselves. This right also applies to children of minorities, migrants and refugees.

§ Children have valuable insights and opinions to share. These are lost or wasted if adults do not listen.

§ Children have a right to take part in decisions about their lives. Their views must be listened to and taken into account if it affects them.


Take action today!

§ Raise awareness about children’s right to express themselves.

§ Encourage schools to develop children’s decision-making skills in education.

§ Celebrate media who provide children with platforms to express themselves on TV, radio and print.

§ Advocate for legal procedures to include children’s participation in important decisions such as custody, adoption, school, marriage, juvenile justice and institutional care.

§ Promote parenting education and respect for children.

The campaign

Tune in to Me was created by UNICEF and Leo Burnett / Arc Worldwide in 2009 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) on 20 November.

In 2010, the Campaign is once again brought to live to honour every child's right to be heard in conjunction with International Children's Day of Broadcasting on Sunday, 7 March. 







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Celebrating 20 years of children's rights


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