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Inspiring communities and individuals to honour children’s right to be heard

§ Children who are encouraged to express their opinions develop decision making and critical thinking skills, which improves their academic performance. These qualities help them make better decisions as adults, concerning themselves, their family, community and society.

§ Better academic results lead to greater employability, higher earnings and a higher-quality workforce.

§ Better interpersonal communication helps develop non-violent forms of solving conflicts. Less violence leads to more harmonious communities and stronger nations.

§ Children who participate in decisions about their lives, tend to become more active citizens as adults. They participate more in decisions affecting their communities and societies.

§ Government services are more effective and less wasteful if they are informed by children’s opinions and concerns.

SOURCE: Children as active citizens: Commitments and Obligations for Children’s Civil Rights and Civic Engagement in East Asia and Pacific





Right to be Heard


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