Unite for children

All rights, all children

The Right Start

It begins with education

Teach respect

End poverty now!

Tune in to Me!

Unite against AIDS

Born free of HIV

No to violence!

It's about ability

Child safety online





United against Prejudice and Discrimination

Classroom Exercises
(Manual on Human Rights Education for Children)

Don’t look, just listen!
To understand the rights and needs of children with disabilities

Boys Don’t Cry!
And girls are smarter
To illustrate how stereotypes create discrimination

Bullying Scenes
Every bully is a coward in disguise
To deepen understanding of different kinds of bullying

Picture Games
A picture says a thousand words – and more!
To promote empathy and respect for human dignity

Once Upon a Time…
Reversing the sexes of characters in a well-known story
To encourage gender equality

Silent Speaker
Read my lips!
To understand the difficulties people with hearing disability

Take a Step Forward
We are all equal – but some are more equal than others
To promote empathy with others who are different

We are Family
To promote diversity and tolerance towards difference

What I Like and What I Do
They are not always the same thing!
To recognise the effects of gender stereotypes

Who’s Behind Me?
Who do you think I am?
To understand the link between stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination

Words that Wound
Sticks and stones can break my bones, words can also hurt me!
To reflect on the causes and effects of hurtful language

World Summer Camp
My favourite activity is choosing my favourites!
To promote equality and non-discrimination

Nobody for one and one for all
To reflect on the meaning of tolerance and diversity





Teach Respect PSA - Mimic

Teach Respect

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Malaysia: child rights


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