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All rights, all children

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Children become “invisible” when their rights are violated.

Living on the margins of society, some without an identity or nationality, these children who include indigenous children, children living in the shadow of AIDS, street children, children in conflict with the law as well as migrant and refugee children, risk missing out on education, healthcare and protection.

With little opportunity to claim their rights, they grow up illiterate and in poor health, increasing their risk to violence, exploitation and HIV.

Our positions

§ Survival: Every child has a right to life and the basic requirements of existence. They have a right to nutrition, shelter, healthcare and an adequate standard of living.

§ Development: Every child has a right to education, culture, leisure, play, sports, access to information, and freedom of thought.

§ Protection: Every child has a right to an identity and must at all times be protected from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Refugee children must be granted special status.

§ Participation: Every child must be allowed to play active roles in society. They have a say in the decisions affecting them, and must be supported in expressing themselves.

Take action today!

§ Learn more about children’s rights and why some children miss out on their childhoods.

§ Realise that the well-being of children is everyone's responsibility.

§ Voice your concerns about children's rights in your community to your local and national government leaders.

§ Hold your national and local leaders accountable for the state of children's lives in your country. Extend the same mantle of responsibility to the media, non-governmental groups and religious organisations.

§ Examine the impact business decisions might have on children around the world. Protect the children of your employees and co-workers.


All rights, all children
On 20 November 1989, the world came together to say yes to children. Two decades of using the Convention on the Rights of the Child to advocate for child health, education and child protection has taught us many lessons on what is needed to move forward constructively to tackle poverty, HIV and AIDS and violence which challenge so many communities and their children.

CRC@20 provides us a chance to revisit the vision of twenty years ago, so we may keep our promise to all children, no matter who they are or where they come from.





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