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Every child is born with rights

Be Aware:
Every child has rights and your national and local community will not thrive unless children, who hold the very key to the future, are empowered.

Read the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) or fact sheets about the CRC so you know and understand its principles and how it can be applied to protect children and childhoods.

Take responsibility:
Realise that the well-being of children is everyone's responsibility.

Talk to your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Organise a child rights awareness campaign in your school, college, workplace, community and place of worship. You would be surprised how little people know about child rights issues. Inform people in an interactive way. Think about your audience and how you can help draw attention to the issue.

Create Awareness:
Talk to business owners to learn more about what unions and business people are doing to protect child rights in the workplace. Find out if they will give you support and work together on a campaign.

Talk to your community leaders and your member of parliament to find out how they are protecting child rights in your community.

Organise activities to raise funds for children’s rights while creating awareness amongst your donors.

Spread the word about CRC@20 and link your website to UNICEF Malaysia’s website.

Young people can also make a difference. Visit UNICEF's Voices of Youth website to explore issues on rights, the Millennium Development Goals, education, and HIV.





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