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Out-of-school girls need our attention now. The Millennium Development Goal to eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education at all levels by 2015, must be a promise we keep for girls, everywhere.

By fulfilling our promise, we could transform our world. Every year a girl is educated is a step towards eliminating poverty, advancing human development, and stopping the spread of HIV.

Coming up short will call into question the sincerity of the pledge made by all the world's governments and condemn yet another generation of girls to ignorance and poverty. Every year a girl is denied her right to education increases her risk of being exploited and abused, and her vulnerability to disease, including HIV and AIDS.

Recognizing the need for fresh and creative perspectives to propel girls' education forward, the 2013 International Day of the Girl Child will address the importance of new technology, but also innovation in partnerships, policies, resource utilisation, community mobilisation, and most of all, the engagement of young people themselves.

Accelerating progress in girls' education will also get boys in school. It will promote the values of tolerance, equality and mutual respect, providing all children a chance to grow up with health, peace and dignity.

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