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© Hand design courtesy of MomBloggers Malaysia/2010

with Victims and Survivors of Child Abuse

In 1990, baby Balasundram was found abandoned in the Kuala Lumpur hospital. His body was covered with scars from cigarette burns and he suffered brain and kidney damage. Baby Bala’s injuries were so severe, even the best efforts by his doctors could not rescue him from death. Tragically, Baby Bala’s story has been repeated time and again in the last 20 years in cities, suburbs and villages. And despite the public outrage then, children continue to suffer abuse in places they should feel safest in – their homes, schools, and neighbourhoods.

On the 10th World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, let us unite on Facebook to remember baby Bala and countless other children who have died from abuse, who suffer disability, who suffer in fear, who suffer because they have been made to believe their abuse is their fault.


Raise your Hand on Facebook on Friday, 19 November to show children they can count on you. Let our numbers speak for itself. The more of us who join in to be counted; the stronger our voice and the more powerful our call to action. We hope we can count on you.

1.   Visit the Count Me In event page and RSVP yes to attend the event. It does not matter where you live, you can take part in the Day of Solidarity on Facebook! Invite everyone you know to join in.

2.   Use your ‘Stop Child Abuse’ hand design as your Facebook Profile photo on 19 November as a dedication to children. You can design your unique hand by signing up with the 'Get on Board' campaign to stop child abuse.  

2.   Share your “Stop Child Abuse” unique hand design with us on the Count Me In event page.

3.   Donate your Facebook status on 19 November in solidarity with children. Use any of these messages:

§ No child deserves to suffer abuse. Count me in.

§ Child abuse has no place in my society! Count me in.

§ Child abuse is a sin. Count me in.  

7.   Or write your own status update. Use the phrase “Count me in” and a message in support of children. Don’t forget to share your creativity with us on the Count Me In event page.

4.   Leave a message on the Count Me In event page to remember the children you know who have died from abuse. Or post a comment, poem, photo or video to show your support to children.

5.   Tell us what can be done to stop child abuse. Share your ideas on the Count Me In event page.


Let 2010 be the beginning of our commitment towards putting an end to child abuse. Join the movement on 19 November to show:

§ our children that we care about their safety and wellbeing.

§ abusers that we will not tolerate abuse against our children.

§ leaders that we need them to help us to protect children.






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