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Do you care enough to stop child abuse?

Become a Campaigner for Children by hopping on our "Get on Board" bus, and rally others to join us on our journey to end child abuse. Here are some action ideas to inspire you for the 10th World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse on 19 November!:

Campaigner for Children:

1.   Post a blog on child abuse prevention, or maybe even create an entire dedicated blogsite on the issue.

2.   Spread the word about the Get on Board campaign to stop child abuse by using our email template on the campaign website.

3.   Create conversations on child abuse prevention on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace using the resources that we have developed.

4.   Write a letter to your Member of Parliament or newspaper Editor demanding more protection for children. You can use our email template.

5.   Organise a campaign sign-up to mobilise your work colleagues, college mates, friends and family to register their support for children.

Corporations & Businesses:

6.   Introduce child abuse prevention messages into the daily lives of people using t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks etc.

7.   Declare your shopping mall, gallery, theatre group, restaurant, gym etc to be child friendly spaces. Allow children’s NGOs and youth groups to use these spaces to promote child abuse prevention education.

8.   Decorate your transportation system – busses, taxis, trains – with mobile murals that promote the "Get on Board" campaign to end child abuse.

9.   Set-up childcare centres in your workplace for your employees children.

Faith-Based Organisations:

10.  Hold sermons, conferences and seminars on the role of religious communities in promoting child abuse prevention and parenting education.

11.  Organise events for your religious community with prevention of child abuse as a celebration theme.

Libraries & Cultural Organisations:

12.   Host lectures, book and poetry readings or film festivals to explore, celebrate and promote child abuse prevention. Display books, magazines and posters on the issue in November.

13.   Produce street theatre, dance and other popular presentations relating to child abuse prevention for a variety of audiences.


14.  Raise the issue of child abuse prevention through editorials, columns, features, talkshows, dramas, documentaries and film series. Establish a regular space in your print or broadcast media to promote every's child's right to protection.

15.  Use your media to define role models and celebrate heroes who promote and protect children from abuse. Link your stories to key action dates such as World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, Universal Children's Day and Human Rights Day. 

NGOs & CBOs:

16.  Educate your membership and the community on how your organisation's activities relate to children’s right to protection from abuse.

17.  Distribute information and educational materials (flyers, brochures, posters etc) to promote child abuse prevention.


18.  Hold a round-table meeting of relevant NGOs, ministers and department officials to discuss child abuse prevention.

19.  Establish a parliamentary enquiry into the design and delivery of parenting education programs, reviewing their contribution to child abuse prevention.

Schools, Universities & Youth Organisations:

20.  Organise workshops, seminars, lectures, debates and symposia on child abuse prevention inside and outside your institution.

Sustain your energy, passion and involvement! While the 10th World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse is a once in a life-time event, protecting and upholding children’s rights to protection needs daily actions throughout the year. Let 2010 be the beginning of your life-time commitment towards building a World Fit for Children.





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