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Parent / legal guardian of a child

§ Be a role model. Make a personal commitment to positive, non-violent parenting and encourage others to do the same.

§ Learn how to recognise signs of violence and abuse in your child, find out where it can be reported and where you can get help if it affects your family.

§ Help your children to understand their rights. Ensure that your own children and their friends are aware of their right to be protected from all forms of violence, and have access to the necessary advice and advocacy to assert that right.


§ Learn how to recognise early signs of violence and abuse in children and report cases.

§ Break the silence and spread the message that violence against children is not acceptable and undermines child development.

§ Challenge social acceptance of violence. Stimulate societal dialogue on violence against children, engage parents and children and activate groups in your community to find ways to stop the violence.


§ Generate debate on the issue of violence against children by appropriate coverage of the issue.

§ Respect children’s privacy and protect their identity when reporting about vulnerable children.

§ Give children access to media to express their own opinions.

§ Fight child abuse by ‘de-sexualising’ the language used, and pointing out those being exploited are children.

Young person

§ Learn how to protect yourself from abuse and harm and recognise risky situations that you can prevent or avoid.

§ Find out where you can report violence if you ever become a victim, or if it happens to any of your friends or neighbours.

§ Speak up about violence that you have experienced or have witnessed being inflicted on other children and young people, so that they can be properly protected or helped.





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