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While governments play a critical role in helping to end poverty for children and their families, you too can play your part to make a difference. Here are five ideas for you to put into action.

1. Learn

Start by educating yourself so you can start a conversation about poverty and how to end it. Here are a few resources on the web you can check out:

§ Child Poverty and Disparities

§ End Poverty 2015

§ Stand Up Against Poverty

2. Recycle

If you look around your home, you may find that you have many possessions that you haven’t used in years, and are unlikely to use. Consider boxing them up, and donating these to local NGOs who can share these with those who will use them and who need them.

3. Buy wisely

Buying fair trade products means that workers on farms across the world receive a fair wage for the efforts of their labours. Buying from small local merchants and farms in Malaysia may also help the local economy grow. Buying from ethical companies that have shown a commitment to fighting poverty, improving the environment, and treating their employees humanely may influence other companies to take such stands.

4. Start a conversation

Write a blog or send a letter to the editor of your newspaper to draw attention to the impact of poverty on children and their families. Or talk to your parliamentary or council representative to find out what they are doing to help stop poverty, and ask if there is anything that you can do to help support their efforts. The issue is one that should already be on their minds, but your interest may help to kindle or inspire additional efforts, and the conversation is one worth starting.

5. Donate

Addressing child poverty is a priority for UNICEF. In Malaysia, UNICEF is working with our partners in government and civil society to better understand child poverty so appropriate programs can be put in place to tackle it. We are also working to strengthen the protective environment for children and ensure that marginalised and vulnerable children are given educational opportunities. You can be a part of these efforts by making a donation to UNICEF.





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