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20 Action Ideas to transform into reality!

Regardless of which sector you belong to, there is something you can do to commemorate "CRC@20". You can choose to promote child rights or specific issues in our society that prevent children from realising their full potential such as poverty, HIV, violence and abuse. All it takes is imagination, perspiration, ambition and commitment! Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Businesses & Corporations:

1.   Introduce the CRC into the daily lives of people in Malaysia by initiating a cause-related marketing program that will promote specific rights for children on t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, etc, while raising funds for UNICEF or a local children’s NGO.

2.   Declare your shopping mall, gallery, theatre group, restaurant, gym etc to be child friendly spaces. Allow children’s NGOs and youth groups to use these spaces to express and illustrate twenty years of child rights.

3.   Decorate your transportation system – busses, taxis, trains – with mobile murals and use these as vehicles to promote and celebrate children’s rights in Malaysia.

4.   Recognise children who are making a positive difference in their communities through awards and scholarships.

5.   Ensure your workplace is child-friendly by upholding the principles of the CRC.

Libraries & Cultural Organisations:

6.   Host lectures, book and poetry readings or film festivals to explore, celebrate and promote the rights of all children in Malaysia. In or around November, display books, magazines and posters on child rights.

7.   Produce street theatre, dance and other popular presentations relating to the CRC created and presented by youth for a variety of audiences.

8.   Encourage children to create songs relating to their rights that may be performed together with local celebrities.

9.   Organise a CRC bus to travel throughout the country, bringing information, materials and speakers to rural areas.


10.  Sponsor school art, video and writing competitions on children’s rights with the winners' work being published and celebrated.

11.  Establish a regular space in your print or broadcast media for the CRC and children’s rights. Promote the rights of all children in Malaysia through editorials, columns, features, talkshows, dramas, documentaries and film series. Whenever possible, provide children and young people an opportunity to express themselves.

12.  Use your media to define role models and celebrate heroes who promote and protect child rights in Malaysia.

13.  Link key UN action dates such as International Day of Families, International AIDS Memorial Day, World Breastfeeding Week, World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse to draw attention to children’s rights and the CRC.

Schools, Colleges, Universities & Youth Organisations:

14.  Introduce child rights and related issues into the academic course work. Train youth to teach younger children about child rights.

15.  Develop oral history projects where children will interview their elders born before 1971 about their experience on child rights (children born after this year would have some part or all of their lives protected by the CRC). These oral histories could be published, broadcast, or turned into dramatic presentations.

16.  Organise workshops, seminars, lectures, debates and symposia on child rights inside and outside your institution.

Faith-Based Organisations:

17.  Hold sermons, conferences and seminars on the role of religious communities in promoting the CRC and child rights.

18.  Organise events for your religious community with child rights as a celebration theme.

NGOs & CBOs:

19.  Educate your membership and the community on how your organisation's activities relate to children’s rights.

20.  Distribute information and educational materials (flyers, brochures, posters etc) to promote the CRC and children’s rights to health, education, protection and equality.

Sustain your energy, passion and involvement! While "CRC@20" is a once in a life-time event, protecting and upholding children’s rights needs daily actions throughout the year. Let 2009 be the beginning of your life-time commitment towards building a World Fit for Children.

Adapted from “More than 50 ideas for commemorating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” produced the UN High Commission on Human Rights.





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