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Whistle for Women II

3R and UNICEF celebrate International Women’s Day
Saturday, 13 March 2010

Women's Rights: Stand up, Speak out and Take action!

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3R TV hosts Rafidah, Celina and Tini

Join the 3R TV hosts - Tini, Celina, Rafidah - and UNICEF for a fun action-oriented day to celebrate International Women’s Day 2010. This year’s theme is "Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all”.

While more girls are enrolled in school today, many of them, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia do not complete their primary education. Women in many countries also cannot do paid work outside the agriculture sector. In South Asia and North Africa, for instance, only 18% of women have paid work and they are generally paid lower wages. Of the nearly one billion people with an income of less than one dollar a day, some 700 million are women.

Equal opportunities go hand in hand with physical safety. To ensure that girls grow up to embrace their fullest potential, every effort must be made to protect them from violence, including domestic violence, genital mutilation, honour crimes and human trafficking.

By recognising and addressing discrimination against girls and women, success in the fight against all forms of discrimination -- class, race, ethnicity and age -- will become more likely, and more lasting.

Show you care. Get your friends and loved ones to walk with us in solidarity with women and girls in Malaysia and around the world:
§ Date:    Saturday, 13 Mac 2010
§ Time:    2pm – 8pm
§ Venue:  Central Park, Bandar Utama

Check out our PROGRAM
There’s lots more to do – chill out at the Treadszoo Bazaar, hang out with UNICEF, the All Women’s Action Movement, Sisters in Islam and the Women’s Aid Organisation. Or join a shuffle class and get fit with Fitness First. And don’t forget to party with some of Malaysia’s hottest stars: One Nation Emcees, Lah Ahmaad, KL Drumline and many more.

Join the Whistle for Women Walkathon.

Its Free and its Fun!
To take part, please send us your name, IC and tel number to:
§ SMS:    012 519 1763; or
§ Email:

Don't forget ... register today!





International Women's Day 2010

Whistle for Women II

Sat, 13 March 2010
 • Walkathon
 • Treadszoo bazaar
 • UNICEF space
 • NGO booths
 • Quizzes + Games
 • Fitness First
 • Cheerleaders
 • Celebrity concert

Ending Violence Against Women

3R TV Hosts


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