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Despite the Government’s efforts to achieve a drug-free Malaysia by the year 2015, the incidence of drug abuse in Malaysia, particularly amongst the socio-economically marginalised sections of society and amongst students and youth, continues to occur.

According to the National Drug Agency (ADK), 12,352 drug users were detected between January and December 2008, 6,413 of whom were repeat offenders. A majority of drug users are male (98%). The age breakdown amongst teens and youth detected in 2008 are:

§ 13 – 18 years old:  2%

§ 19 – 24 years old: 17%

§ 25 – 29 years old: 20%

According to the ADK's survey, 55% of cases detected in 2008 used drugs as a result of peer influence, while 21% used drugs for fun. Another 15% of users were curious about drugs.

Heroin remains the preferred choice of drugs for users in Malaysia at 40%, while users of Amphetamine-Type-Stimulants (ATS) account for 14% of total detected cases in 2008.

The ADK's report show that more than 300,000 drug users were detected in Malaysia between 1988 and 2008. For every identified drug user, there may be as many as 3 to 4 users who have eluded detection and arrest.

There is a link between injecting drug use and the spread of HIV. The Ministry of Health's 1986-2008 data reveal that 60,248 injecting drug users have tested HIV-positive in Malaysia, approximately 71% of total cases up to end 2008.

Drug abuse adversely affects the individual and their family and has a direct bearing on social harmony, law and order as well as economic productivity of the country.

AIDS in Malaysia





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