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UNICEF works for a Malaysia:

§ where all children have their rights upheld and respected, regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion or material wealth,

§ where investment in children is a key strategy to achieve national development goals, reflected in decisions in all spheres and at all levels of society, and

§ that is the very best place for a child to be born, grow and realise his or her full potential.


UNICEF’s mission is to work with the government of Malaysia to achieve the goal of a fully developed nation with an inclusive, non-discriminatory and caring society that protects the rights of all children, including those most marginalised and vulnerable. In doing so, UNICEF will build child focused partnerships with all stakeholders – with NGOs and civil society, the corporate sector, religious and professional organisations, with high profile personalities and with children themselves.

Together, we will strive to realise an equitable society where the reality of all children in the country is fully understood and where gaps are addressed as a matter of priority. We will work for a society where child related government agencies has adequate financial and human resources, where the private sector supports child well-being through child-friendly policies and child-focused Corporate Social Responsibility and where every child has an identity, access to quality education and healthcare and is well protected and cared for.

We will achieve this by mobilising political will at all levels through evidence based advocacy supported by high quality expertise and international best practice. We will mobilise nationwide support through fundraising, advocacy and child rights education and act as a convenor of resources, ideas and action for all children.

UNICEF will make it possible for all children and young people in Malaysia to be heard, providing voice to the voiceless.





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