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Promise to children


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The prospects of our future depend on the investments in our children.

Just by being born, every child acquires the right to quality education, enough food to eat and clean water to drink, access to good healthcare, and a safe environment free from violence and exploitation.

Malaysia is acting on this promise. The country’s investments in reproductive health services and the provision of quality water, sanitation and nutrition to mothers and children have significantly reduced child and maternal mortality rates.

Malaysia is close to providing universal primary education, which not only provides children with a good start in life by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to break out of poverty, but also provides them with a safe and supervised environment. Malaysia is also investing in protection services for children and in combating HIV.

Still, as Malaysia moves towards its 2020 vision of an inclusive, high income country, all children must be touched by its progress, benefit from its investments and have their birth rights fully realised.

There is still a lot to be done. Malaysia’s 2010 Millennium Development Goals report highlights that despite the country’s remarkable achievements in reducing overall poverty from 19.9% to 4% in less than 20 years, some 700,000 children under 15 years are still vulnerable to the multiple deprivations of child poverty. Poor children are less likely to have access to health care and to be in good health. They trail in emotional and intellectual development, and are more likely to drop out of school early.

Our more than 50 years of experience in this country tells us that these are issues that can be overcome. Malaysia’s outstanding progress over recent years in economic and social development tells us this is possible. And success for children is an indispensable ingredient in the equation of success for the country to achieve its goal.

UNICEF’s new Country Program (2011-2015) is designed to be an important factor in this equation. It is focused on bringing about lasting change through the support of policy reform and national capacity development in the interest of every child. It is also aiming at forging partnerships and raising resources and engagement for children. Their future can only be secured if society as a whole agrees that children are the first priority and if everyone, from decision maker to individual citizen acts accordingly.

That’s why we need your involvement. Take a stand with us for Malaysia’s children!

                                                            Updated: 27 May 2011





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