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Lisa Surihani

Known in some circles as Malaysia's Sweetheart, Lisa Surihani joined UNICEF as National Ambassadors for Malaysia in February 2017.

She is an actress, commercial model, and television host.  

She has won various awards as the Best Female Actress, acted in a number of movies that proved to be box office hits and has a number of highly rated serials and dramas to her credit. At the same time, she is an affectionate and caring mother and wife. Lisa has also been the ambassador for various popular brands, Malaysian and international. She is also one of the top Malaysian artists with regards to her social media engagements.

As UNICEF Malaysia National Ambassadors, Lisa is keen to lend her voice to issues affecting children in the country. She has actively spoken up on issues of sexual abuse online, supporting the call for laws on child sexual crimes. Lisa is excited to play a part in creating the best environment for children

"I have always been interested in issues affecting children and young people in Malaysia, and being a UNICEF Ambassador presents the perfect opportunity to get involved on a personal level,” said Lisa. “It’s an honour to assume this important role of bringing child rights to the attention of Malaysians. It’s also exciting to be part of the efforts to keep children happy, healthy and safe in Malaysia and on a global front.” 

Upin & Ipin

Malaysia's most famous five-year old twins, Upin and Ipin, joined UNICEF as National Ambassadors for Malaysia in 2013.

The main characters of an award-winning Malaysian animated cartoon series, Upin and Ipin are not just stars of the small screen (with a TV show in its 10th season!), but are also social media darlings with a Facebook following of some 7 million and are active members of their community.

The lovable animated twins live in a fictional village with their elder sister, grandmother and multi-ethnic friends, and learn from the challenges that children face growing up. Through their own personal life lessons, Upin and Ipin learn to adopt positive behaviours that express values such as love, respect, courage and unity.

As UNICEF Malaysia National Ambassadors, Upin and Ipin take their commitment to champion child rights one step further. The boys lend their support for children with disabilities and will help UNICEF with efforts to end violence against children. An early initiative was a special video PSA for International Women's Day encouraging boys to love and support the girls and women in their lives. The twins also participated in UNICEF's global #ENDviolence campaign.

The Upin and Ipin TV program made its international debut via Disney Channel Asia where it is aired/will be aired in 17 territories including Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

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