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1.   Every child has the right to the best possible start in life. It is wrong for children to die needlessly; it is imperative to prevent their unnecessary deaths.

2.   Every child has the right to the highest standards of health and education. It is imperative to work to attain these standards.

3.   Every child possesses rights inherently equal to every other child’s. It is imperative to defend all children from violence, exploitation and discrimination.

4.   To protect the rights of every child, and invest in her or his well-being, is the surest way to end poverty and to build peace and security in the world.

5.   It is possible to give every child a good start in life. The world can, if it chooses, ensure that every child grows and develops to their full, human potential.

6.   Children are citizens of the communities and the societies that they live in. Their voices should be heard and their opinions heeded by all.

These rights are among the ones set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Since it was first adopted in 1989, the CRC has become the most widely accepted human rights treaty in history. Its principles guide all that UNICEF does in the world.





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