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Real boys don't bully, hit or hurt girls!
Upin and Ipin, our National Ambassadors, believe that all girls should be loved, cared for and respected. As a boy or young man, here's what you can do to help put an end to violence against girls and women:


Have the courage and integrity to examine your own attitudes and behaviour towards girls and women. When you realise that you are treating a girl or woman with disrespect – stop.

Be A Role Model

Show other boys how to be respectful to girls and women. Share with them the importance of respecting women and girls.

Speak Out & Take Action

If your father, uncle, brother, cousin, friend, or classmate bullies, disrespects or uses hurtful language against girls and women, speak up about it. If a girl you know comes to you for help to escape violence or abuse, support her in any way you can. And never look the other way if you witness violence. Call 15999 to make a report.





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