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Situation in Malaysia

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Under the Millennium Development Goals 4 & 5, Malaysia had set a target to reduce the under-five mortality and maternal mortality rates by two thirds by the year 2015. Thanks to many initiatives in collaboration with the Government, civil society organisations, the private sector and other stakeholders, Malaysia observed a general decline in child mortality rates from 1990 – 2008 and is well on its way to achieving the MDG targets.

Among the factors that contributed to the success in the reduction of child mortality are:

§ A high proportion of deliveries attended or assisted by skilled birth attendants.

§ A wellness assessment that includes regular monitoring of growth and development.

§ A comprehensive childhood immunisation programme, established since 1958.

§ Greater access to the basic health-care services through a network of health and community clinics supported by trained midwives and other health workers.

§ Specialist services offered at the primary health-care level.

Moving forward, Malaysia is focusing on a more targeted approach to child mortality reduction to complement existing outreach and healthcare coverage. Through these approaches, the Government aims to sustain reductions in child and maternal mortality rates and achieve the MDG 4 & 5 targets for women and children in Malaysia.

In addition, with a renewed focus on social and economic conditions that affect child survival, a targeted approach will also lead to reduced inequities and enhance quality of care for women and children.





A Promise Renewed

A Promise Renewed

Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed

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Malaysia MDGs at 2010


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