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UNICEF works with the Government and civil society in support of the Tenth Malaysian Plan to protect the wellbeing and safety of all children in the country.

Our key priority strategies for 2011-2015 are to:

Child Protection

§ Identify gaps in birth registration processes and advocate for undocumented children in the country.

§ Develop and promote validated early childhood care standards and parenting skills for home-based and childcare centres.

§ Develop and promote minimum practice and competency standards and policies to prevent and protect children from abuse, violence and exploitation.

§ Develop and promote a juvenile justice system based on international good practice covering prevention, diversion, restorative justice and reintegration.

§ Promote the Child Protection modules for sectoral training curricula including social welfare, health, education, labour, justice, police and defence.

Education and Health

§ Promote the right to health and education for marginalised children including children with special needs as well as indigenous, migrant and refugee children.

§ Assess the situation of children in plantations to influence policy in support of their wellbeing.

§ Promote policy dialogue on early childhood care and education issues to facilitate comprehensive implementation of ECCE at the national level.


§ Advocate and strengthen methods, techniques and programs for adolescent-friendly reproductive health services through the UN team in Malaysia.

§ Expand services for HIV counseling, screening, testing and referrals to adolescent-friendly health centres for Most-At-Risk Adolescents (MARA).

§ Support the implementation of the national strategic plan for HIV and AIDS 2011-2015 through the UN team in Malaysia.

Social Policy & Partnerships

§ Collect and analyse data and information on child abuse, children with disabilities and most at risk youth to influence national policy and programs.

§ Develop and endorse recommendations for poverty-reduction strategies and improved social outcomes amongst the Orang Asli.

§ Enhance understanding and promote the concept of child poverty and well being to improve social safety net programs affecting the most vulnerable children.

§ Strengthen the capacity of selected CSOs to better deliver programs to benefit children.

§ Develop a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with the Companies Commission of Malaysia in support of children.





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