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Program overview


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The 2011-2015 Country Program is focused on promoting development with equity to reduce disparities in society. It builds on the progress of the 2008-2010 Program in assisting poor, indigenous, migrant and other marginalised, vulnerable and at-risk children in the country.

Our current priorities are in line with strategic directions of the Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP), which is the key development strategy and planning instrument of the Government of Malaysia. The program also directly supports Vision 2020, the culmination of a 30-year national development process to make Malaysia a fully developed country by the year 2020.

Program targets in our five year cycle include:

§ Reducing poverty amongst children in line with the 10MP target

§ Enhancing social safety net programs, especially for poor children and their families

§ Improving child welfare and equipping the system to address violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect of children, including those living with HIV or AIDS

§ Reforming the juvenile justice system

§ Enhancing access to identity, quality education and healthcare, as well as early child development interventions

§ Ensuring that HIV and AIDS affect fewer children, women and other most-at-risk-populations, especially adolescents and young people





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