Parliamentary Guide on how to assess child-friendliness of national government budgets

Towards child-friendly national budgets for Malawian children

Youth Parliamenterian Lauryn, participating in a youth parliament session in Lilongwe
UNICEF Malawi/2017


Parliamentarians play a key role in ensuring that government laws, policies, and budgets serve the best interest of all children and their families and guardians. It is within the mandate of Parliamentarians to ensure that available public resources are equitably distributed to all sectors and different groups of people. Globally, studies have shown that inadequate, inequitable, and ineffective public spending stands as the main barrier to full implementation of children’s rights. This guide was developed to serve as a simple reference tool for Members of Parliament, Parliamentary Staff, and other stakeholders in assessing the extent to which government budgets are responsive to individual, age, geographic and other unique circumstances of children and their families, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

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