Data Intellingence - UNICEF Malawi Action Report

Using enhanced data intelligence to improve the lives of children

A team of volunteers and UNICEF volunteers analyzing a map with drone imagery
UNICEF Malawi/2018/Amos Gumulira


To achieve equity in a low resource environment like Malawi, it is necessary for UNICEF to increasingly become an innovative and evidence-based organization. While our programming is increasingly results-oriented, our business practices have not yet followed suit and are still largely reactive, responsive and input-oriented (e.g. cash, supplies, technical expertise). This transaction oriented strategy creates barriers to quickly achieving results at scale for children. The opportunity, therefore, lies in creating a system that enables frontline service providers in education, health, WASH and other sectors to refocus their attention, moving from transactional to nimble and holistic service delivery for children, families and their communities.

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