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What you can do to end violence



Don’t turn a blind eye to violence. Learn about the damaging effects of violence on children and young people, and talk to your friends and relatives about it

Publicize the local child telephone helplines: tell children and young people they can call 80001234 for help and advice


If you are a leader in your community, then you can play a role in ending violence. Be a role model, and discuss ways to deal with violent actions in your community

Make sure everyone knows the ways to report acts of violence – through the local social worker, child protection worker or to the local police, victim support units

Speak out about traditional cultural practices that are violent – initiation ceremonies, early and arranged marriages


Don’t tolerate bullies. Support and protect those who have been bullied and report bullying acts to the appropriate teacher

Speak out about violence in the classroom to the head teacher or the parent/teacher group

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