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Medical Kits Project enters Phase II

Lilongwe, 16th May 2012: The Medical Kits Project that monthly delivers essential medicines and other supplies to primary health care facilities in Malawi has entered the second phase during which 11,790 medical kits will be distributed over 15 months.

Phase I of the project, which started in January 2012, ended in March and resulted in the distribution of 3,702 kits to 620 health facilities throughout the country.

Preliminary feedback shows that the medicines have alleviated the problem of shortages that was experienced last year and has saved some lives. Results of the full impact of Phase I will be shared with the general public soon after data that is being collected is compiled and analysed.

Distribution of the kits in Phase II began on 7th May 2012 and will continue to the end of the project in June 2013. The Phase II kits are big in size as they have more items in larger quantities than those provided under Phase I. Each Phase II kit contains 62 items compared with 37 items in Phase I.

The Kit Project only provides essential medical supplies for primary health care and health facilities are expected to procure any essential medical supplies not included in the kit from the Central Medical Stores Trust, as was the case in Phase I.

Each kit delivered is later paid for by the facility at a cost of 55% of the value of the kit and the funds are collected by the CMST to bolster on-going efforts to reform institution and strengthen the national supply chain for essential medicines and medical supplies in order to avoid shortages in future.

As it was in the first phase, UNICEF is procuring the medicines on behalf of the Government of Malawi while USAID, through the DELIVER PROJECT, is managing in-country storage and distribution of the medicines to more than 620 health facilities including those that belong to CHAM, throughout the country.



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