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June 2006

Graffiti against Drugs Abuse in Sofia
Young graffiti writers gathered in Sofia for a graffiti weekend dedicated to the International Day against Drug Abuse - June 26. The event was part of the youth initiative Teens for Teens and is took place in Sofia's Borisova garden. Students from the Hristo Botev school and the American College in Sofia organized the event. They had invited students from Bulgarian cities Plovdiv, Dupnits and Pernik as well as all volunteers from Sofia to join them in writing against drug abuse.
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Kids Waves in West Africa. Radio Programmes that Make Grown-ups Listen to the Children - by Anki Wood

© UNICEF/Chris Schuepp/2006 - Children at the YMDF 2006 in Mali recording live for the regional KidsWaves radio programme
More than 150 school children are dancing on the sandy schoolyard in the little village of Ndimb i northern Senegal as Radio Gune Yi’s signature blasts from the loudspeakers. Twelve of their classmates are going to host a radio programme about children’s rights, a programme that will be broadcast all over Senegal.

Lola Kenya Screen 2006 Film Line up Announced

l ola Kenya Screen, an audiovisual event for children and youth set to show films, host an animation film production workshop, and an audiovisual market in Nairobi August 7-12, 2006, has released its line-up for films to be shown.
From more than 200 films received from 36 countries and six continents for its inaugural event selection consideration, 75 titles have been selected.
Lola Kenya Screen has also announced the selection of the Children's Jury. The six members are Alexis Baluka and Samora Michelle (Nairobi Primary School), Melissa Akumu (Nairobi South Primary School, ), Mina Ogova (Greenyard Junior School), Esther Njeri (Good Testimony Junior School), and Shwetaketu Radia-Tyagi (Aga Khan Academy).
At the close of film entry submissions on April 15, 2006, more than 200 films from 35 nations representing six continents-Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe, Oceania-had been received.
Many of these award-winning and well crafted audiovisual productions have come in from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Congo-Kinshasa, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Mauritius, Benin, Senegal, Malawi, Israel, Iran, India, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Britain, Holland, Canada, USA, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and Ukraine.
In its commitment to uplift the standards of the arts and culture in Eastern Africa through journalism, ComMattersKenya, under its ArtMatters.Info project, is calling upon children aged 6-14 years to apply for 33 positions of children's film Jury (6), children's Press (6), Events Presenters (6) and Animation Film production Workshop (15) during the inaugural Lola Kenya Screen festival.
Selected children will be guided through skills of appreciating and judging films, film reporting and events presentations, and filmmaking. While some will sit on the Children's Jury that will select the Best Films, others will form the Children's Press that will file daily journalistic reports on Lola Kenya Screen (August 7-12, 2006).
The articles will be published daily by www.artmatters.info. The others will present events and learn how to make films. The selection of candidates is on a 'first-come-first-served' basis and begins now. Interested children are asked to apply for this opportunity starting now!"
Children and youth participating in the Lola Kenya Screen production workshop conducted by Finnish filmmaker, Antonia Ringbom, are expected to make five short films to be showcased around the world. A maximum of 15 children aged 10-18 will be admitted to the CLOSED workshop on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED basis. A modest admission fee, to cater for snacks, material and certificates, will be charged. Ringbom, a veteran film director, producer, animator, illustrator, worked with The Finnish Broadcasting Company/YLE making children's films and animations for two decades before venturing into independent filmmaking as a director and producer making her own films or working with others. She has conducted animation workshops with young people in Senegal, Malawi, Rwanda, France, Iran, and Finland.
Lola Kenya Screen is reaching out to our target through schools, children's homes and orphanages, youth holiday retreat centres and camps, youth vocational centres, print and electronic media (including the Internet), international film festivals, local cultural and arts events, international cultural agencies, and inter-governmental, governmental & non-governmental organizations, among others.
Lola Kenya Screen will be held at Alliance Francaise and Goethe-Institut in Nairobi, August 7-12, 2006. It will feature film shows, film production workshops, and presentations of music, storytelling, and painting for, by and with children and youth.
MORE INFO: Email Lola Kenya Screen

Youth on the Margin Create their world: Jana International Film Festival for Children & Youth (Deadline for Submission: July 15 - 2006) - Jana Int. Film Festival for Children & Youth - Nov. 7-12, 2006
The 2006 Jana International Film Festival for Children & Youth will display films on and by children under 19 years of age. Preference will be given to films by children & youth themselves, or with their active participation. The festival invites work by children & young adults, about or for children and youth globally. Already, the festival has received submissions from Germany, Italy, Palestine, France, USA, UK, Croatia, Bangladesh, Sweden, Finland, Colombia, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, Spain, and Serbia.
MORE INFO: www.al-jana.com

First edition of a youth magazine rolls off in Tanzania
The Young People's Media Network of Tanzania (YOMneT) on June 12 launched the first youth-produced quarterly magazine - "Chaguo" (The Choice), accomplishing one of the eagerly awaited dreams of the community media actors working in both rural and urban settings. Two major topics covered in the maiden issues reflect the interpretations of young people on the national poverty reduction and economic recovery strategy, locally known in Kiswahili as MKUKUTA and life skills.
After seven days of hard editorial work, the seven-man editorial team compirising of four young girls and three boys had reason to smile. "The first issue was a tough one", said Elizabeth Mjatta who was seconded by Tito Sovella from a remote district of Makete, about 850 km from Dar es Salaam: "It was worth travelling all the way to here to produce this wonderful newspaper."
Supported by UNICEF and coordinated by the YOMneT and the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) Chaguo's 5,000 copies will be distributed to all youth and children organizations throughout Tanzania.
The process is even more interesting. Community media actors who have been trained as part of the capacity development of young people to work with media to raise their voices and discuss issues including HIV prevention, prepare their stories for quarterly wall newspapers in their ward, serving the news-starved communities, mostly young people.
A meeting of community media actors in the district forms an editorial board which selectes good stories which will appear in Chaguo. A representative from the district as members of the editorial team. Stuffed in each copy of the magazine is a simplified letter requesting readers to send their first impression to the Editorial team on how the magazine should proceed. The editorial team is looking for ways to make the youth magazine selff-sustainable after the initial UNICEF support. The first edition is available to young Tanzanians for free.

Kids For Kids Festival 2006 - The International film festival of films made by children for children

The 4th edition will be held on Cyprus, from June 15 to 18, 2006. Kids For Kids Festival is an independent festival of films made by and for children and managed by CIFEJ, for AGORA E.E.I.G.
It is an international meeting place for young filmmakers, media experts and the interested public. Last year’s edition received more than 400 films from 59 countries, and 40 films were selected for the final competition. Many young filmmakers were invited to Naples (Italy) for the final event.

Youth Media Development Forum 2006 opened in Mali

420 participants, including 60 young people, from more than 60 countries are meeting in Bamako, Mali, to discuss the current state of youth media and it's future.
YMDF 2006 website

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