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    Contest of videos about children announced in Kyrgyzstan

    Producers of videos about or for children, including professionals, students, school television stations, and amateur film-makers in Kyrgyzstan, are eligible to participate in the contest, “Best Videos about or for Children.”
    The contest, organized by Kyrgyz National TV/Radio Corp., UNICEF and Internews Network office in Kyrgyzstan, is aimed at finding new ideas and approaches for TV programs for children.
    The criteria of evaluation for the contest panel are participation of children, innovation, interesting idea, gender aspect, technical and aesthetic quality. The best works will receive cash.
    Videos should be submitted before November 30 in VHS or mini DV format to the UNICEF office at 720040 Bishkek Prospect Chui 160.
    For more information, visit the Internews Kyrgyzstan website and check out the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE INFO

    Programming reflects the changing faces of young fans

    A Latino couple, Luis and Maria, and their African-American neighbor Gordon hung out with Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. That was diversity on children's television 30 years ago.
    Today, Sesame Street is only one player on the television playground of cultural, gender and racial diversity.
    FULL ARTICLE from the Arizona Republic

    Child rights and the Kenyan media

    This October 2002 report is now online at the IFJ website.
    FULL REPORT (pdf-format)

    OneMinutesJr. from Tbilisi online

    The OneMinutesJr from the Tbilisi workshop are now online at www.theoneminutesjr.org - in the video archive, go to "Inside - Out" and "Best of the world" and click the latest entries.

    News from ICCVOS

    The latest newsletter from the UNESCO International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth & Media (1/2003) is online. It features news and articles from a number of countries, incl. Australia, Turkey, Sweden, the USA, Germany, Nepal, South Africa, Spain, etc.
    More details

    Beyond Borders - personal stories from a small planet

    Listen Up!, the U.S.-based youth media network, invites you to join youth from around the world in producing stories about the realities of your own lives: what you fear and how you move beyond it to find security.

    The Sound of Youth (The Guardian)

    " The presenters are young. Very young. They still need lifts from their mums and there is homework and coursework waiting for them when they get home. This is Britain's only full-time children's radio station..."
    from the Guardian

    2nd OneMinutesJr. workshop ends in Tbilisi (July10, 2003)

    The second OneMinutesJr. workshop organized by organized by UNICEF(www.unicef.org), the Young People's Media Network (YPMN), The European Cultural Foundation (www.eurocult.org) and the Sandberg Institute (www.sandberg.nl) ended today in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.
    In the 4-day workshop, the 20 young participants from the Caucasus, Central Asia & Russia produced 15 high-quality films with topics such as social inclusion, drug abuse, manipulation of children, exploitation of children by journalists, etc.
    The young people were trained by Allard Zoetman and David Djindjinkhashvili from the Netherlands, both graduates from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.
    On July 10th, the videos were presented to a number of journalists and UNICEF representative in Georgia, Mr. Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, who praised the creativity of the children and congratulated them to a successful workshop.
    The next OneMinuteJr. workshop - also organized by UNICEF's Young People's Media Network, the European Cultural Foundation and the Sandberg Institute - will take place in Marseille, France, from September 2-7. A call for applications for this workshop will go out shortly.

    "Tell it in one minute" - 2nd workshop starts in Tbilisi

    July 7, 2003
    20 young people from the Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia are meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, for the second One Minute Jr. workshop organized by UNICEF (www.unicef.org), the Young People's Media Network (YPMN), The European Cultural Foundation (www.eurocult.org) and the Sandberg Institute(www.sandberg.nl).
    The organizers had received more than 130 applications from the region and selcected 20 participants (aged 12-19) from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan as well as from Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan.
    The young people will be trained by Allard Zoetman from the
    Netherlands and David Djindjinkhashvili from Georgia, both graduates from the Sandberg Institute, in Amsterdam. The topic of the workshop is "Inside - Out" and will inspire the participants to produce One Minute videos on social inclusion related to UNICEF's "Leave No Child Out" campaign in Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS and the Baltics.
    The four-day workshop, taking place in the Internews Georgia office, was opened today by Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the UNICEF representative in Georgia, who welcomed the participants in Tbilisi. "We are very happy to have you here, because it's highly important for UNICEF to not only work for children, but also with children. We support the Young People's Media Network here in Georgia and have seen some extraordinary results. Now we are going a step further by having all of you here, from our neighboring countries in the Caucasus as well as from Russia and Central Asia. I wish you good luck with your work and I look forward to seeing your films at the end of the week."
    All produced videos will enter the competition for the annual OneMinuteJr. Awards, held in Amsterdam in November 2003 and will soon be online at www.theoneminutesjr.org. There will be two categories at the Awards Ceremony later this year: "Inside - Out" (focusing on social inclusion) and "Best of the World Jr.", an open category without special focus.
    Further OneMinuteJr. workshops - also organized by UNICEF's Young People's Media Network, the European Cultural Foundation and the Sandberg Institute - will take place later this year in Marseille (France) and Berlin (Germany).

    South Caucasus High-School students direct TV show

    In an unusual cross-border experiment, high school students in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia together produced and directed the June 3rd episode of Internews Azerbaijan's weekly Crossroads (Perekrestok) television show. The episode was dedicated to International Children's Day. FULL ARTICLE from the Internews website

    For older news items, please go to the ARCHIVE



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