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  • Call for applications:
    4th OneMinutesJr. workshop in Berlin, Germany

    UNICEF's Young People's Media Network (YPMN), the European Cultural Foundation and the Sandberg Institute would like to encourage young people between the age of 12 and 20 to apply for the 4th OneMinutes Jr. workshop.
    The five-day workshop will be held in Berlin, Germany, from October 10th - 14th, 2003. All expenses in Berlin are paid for by the organizers.
    The workshop is part of this year's Prix Europa and the films produced at the workshop will be shown at the festival.
    As this is the 4th of a series of regional OneMinutesJr. workshops in 2003, we would like to receive applications from young people from the following countries for the Berlin workshop: Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belarus and Austria.
    For more information and an application form, please email Chris Schuepp - YPMN Coordinator.

  • Articles:
    Video animation camp spurs creativity

    For the second year in a row, the Town of Washington Recreation Commission teamed up with the Children's Media Project of Poughkeepsie (CMP) to offer a video animation camp that will teach kids how to make animated films.
    Held at the Millbrook Firehouse, the one week intensive production course produced five animated films by 12 children.

  • Opportunities:
    Young Creativity Award – Digital Culture Images

    This year Netd@ys, Europe’s biggest youth online initiative, is concentrating on Dialogue between different cultures. In Austria the online award “Digital Culture Images” is arranged. For the first time the EU accession countries are invited to enter the contest.
    For more info, go to the NetDays 2003 website.

  • Exhibitions:
    "Playrooms - children's media from Robinson Crusoe to Harry Potter" - Special exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland, from May 21 to October 5, 2003

    The "Playrooms" exhibition is structured around five world-famous stories and characters: Robinson Crusoe, Pinocchio, Alice, Pippi Langstrumpf and Harry Potter - all of them works of literature written originally for children, but avidly read by adults too. Organized by the Swiss National Museum in collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Media for Children and Young People, the exhibition uses these characters to trace the development of children's media from the early 18th century to the present.
    The exhibits range from books and peep shows to tin soldiers, Lego bricks, Websites and Playstations. Among the highlights is a 3-D show about Robinson, Alice and Pinocchio. An audiovisual history tour featuring figures created by the famous artist and sculptor, Imre Mesterházy has been installed in the permanent collection to coincide with the exhibition and there are to be semi-dramatized readings of "Alice in Wonderland" in the atmospheric Rococo music room.
    For more information: Museum website

  • Call for entries:
    2nd Annual Children's Festival at Sithengi 2003, November 13-16, 2003 - Artscape, Cape Town

    Sithengi, the Southern African International Film and Television Market Initiative, calls for entries to the 2nd Annual Children's Festival, a joint initiative between Sithengi and the Children's Broadcasting Foundation for Africa (CBFA).
    The Children's Festival will be held at the Sithengi Film and Television Market, which takes place 13 - 16 November 2003, at the Artscape complex in Cape Town. The first Children's Festival and workshops took place at Sithengi 2002, a partnership initiative between the Department of Communications (DOC), Southern African International Film & Television Market Initiative - Sithengi, Children's Broadcasting Foundation for Africa (CBFA) and UNICEF.
    Since its inception, the Children's Festival has exhibited several films and videos made in different and diverse parts of the world.
    For more info, go to the Sithengi website or send an email to moments@icon.co.za.

    17 students from Republic of Moldova realized 17 films only in 7 days - by George Stratan, participant of this workshop

    These are the results achieved in the "Youth Video Laboratory 2003" project, which took place between 13-20 July, 2003. The organizers of the project were OWH TV Studio (www.owh.md) and UNICEF – Moldova.
    The idea of organizing this summer school was taken from the "TheOneMinutesJr" workshop which was organized in Budapest in April 2003. Two teenagers from the Republic of Moldova had participated in the Budapest workshop and developed the idea of a national project upon their return to Chisinau.
    During the workshop "Youth Video Laboratory 2003", the teenagers succeeded in producing high-quality films, one minute each, with topics such as social inclusions, drugs and alcohol abuse, indifference of people, etc.
    The organizers trained the participants in filming and editing techniques and thus enabled them to put their ideas into the one-minute format.
    The fact that the students were directors, actors and operators at the same time was wonderful.
    In making these films, the participants proved that it's possible for young people to capture the reality of the world and to show it on the screen.
    The films will be presented at the "Cronograf" film festival, organized in the Republic of Moldova. All produced videos will also enter the competition for the annual "OneMinutesJr" Award in Amsterdam in November 2003.

    OneMinute Films and Articles Contest devoted to the International Peace Day in Azerbaijan

    Reliable Future has a pleasure to inform you that within the framework of the new project entitled as “1 Minutes Films and Articles Contest devoted to the International Peace Day in September 2003” and funded by UNIFEM Azerbaijan office, Reliable Future is organizing one day seminars for children and young people under 22 years old.
    The seminars are being organized in cooperation with the Zercalo newspaper and Arts Gymnasium and Azerbaijan Cinematographers Union who kindly provided their professional members to deliver the seminar topics and practical tools to the seminar participants. The first seminar was organized in Thursday and the second was organized in Saturday. During the seminar children and young people gained the practical tips and skills of taking the video films and writing articles for newspapers on the topic of the contest “Youth and Peace”.
    At the end of seminar participants prepared the stories for films and taken to the camera their first films for contest.
    During the coming weeks, Reliable Future is going to organize such seminars in 20 regions of country in order to promote the participation of youth from these regions take part at this contest as well.
    For more information, email Ragim Gafarov

    Young Media Fellows

    UNICEF, the Young People’s Media Network in Europe & Central Asia and the World Economic Forum are looking for applicants interested in participating in the Young Media Fellows project.
    The Young Media Fellows project will give young people a voice in media and as an investment in the development of the next generation of independent journalists operating in a global democratic world. At the same time, the project will facilitate a mutual learning process between young and leading media practitioners though mentoring relationships.
    The Young Media Fellows will receive active mentoring from journalism experts and will be invited to internships in leading media outlets throughout Europe. Articles written by the Young Media Fellows will appear in mainstream mass media and on the website of the project.

    Print media coverage on children's issues in Nepal

    "The media play a very important role in generating awareness among the general public and in creating pressure on pertinent issues for the development of nations. The media can also be very effective for the overall development of children through advocacy for children' right.
    In our context, media has been playing a very positive role to convert the child right issues into one of the major political and social agendas. In this situation, there has been an urgent need to monitor the information and issues on children covered by the media.
    Being in the field of communication, Hatemalo Sanchar has initiated a strategic program of media monitoring from 2002 which plans to publish such reports periodically.
    This is probably the first comprehensive study of 8 newspapers on the child rights issue. We believe that this monitoring report will be helpful for the media to adopt child right based approach scrupulously rather than the sensational news coverage.
    FULL REPORT as pdf file

    Food ads accused of endangering children's health

    Health campaigners have called for stricter controls on marketing high calorie food to children, saying the £15bn spent globally on food marketing each year is putting young people's health at risk.
    FULL ARTICLE from the Guardian

    Roma program wins Evens Prize 2003

    The Roma Mainstream Media internship programs of the Centers for Independent Journalism in Budapest, Bratislava, and Bucharest have won the top honor - the Laureate- of the Evens Prize for Intercultural Education 2003 from the Evens Foundation of Antwerp, Belgium.
    The Evens Prize is awarded to a project or organization deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to European social integration in the field of intercultural education.

    Call for Applications - OneMinutesJr. workshop in Marseille

    After the big success of the OneMinutesJr. workshops in Budapest and Tbilisi, UNICEF's Young People's Media Network (YPMN), the European Cultural Foundation and the Sandberg Institute would like to encourage young people between the age of 12 and 20 to apply for the 3rd OneMinutes Jr. workshop.
    The 5-day workshop will be held in Marseille, France, from September 2-7, 2003. All expenses in Marseille are paid for by the organizers.
    As this is the third of a series of regional OneMinutesJr. workshops in 2003, we would like to receive applications from young people from the following countries for the Marseille workshop: Andorra - France - Spain - Portugal - Italy - Malta - Switzerland. The languages of the workshop will be French and English.
    For more information and an application form, please email Chris Schuepp - YPMN Coordinator.

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