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February 21, 2007

February 19, 2007 - Youth on the air: Tineradio starts weekly broadcast on National Radio
By Tatiana Tibuleac, Assistant Project Officer, Media and Partnerships - UNICEF Moldova
It’s Wednesday 7 February. First a catchy tune. Then new, young voices unknown to the public interrupt the usual broadcast at 5:15 p.m. on Moldova’s National Radio Station. Listeners turn up the volume on their radios wherever they are. Has the broadcaster made a mistake? A young presenter announces to the surprised audience that they are listening to the first ever Tineradio programme of the Youth Radio Studio and that another programme will follow at the same time next week.
Back in the radio station, the 11 adolescents who have prepared the show are thrilled with the results. To produce a high-quality programme has taken several months of hard work researching subjects and recording hundreds of metres of tape. Throughout these preparations, the microphone has been their best friend; they have shared their ideas, thoughts and exchanged their problems through it. Those who previously didn’t have the slightest idea how a radio studio worked, today consider themselves competent radio journalists.
full article

February 10, 2007 - "Heading for peace" - Danish film wins broadcasters' competition
The winner of the City of Basel Prize for the best school or youth TV programme, by SPOR Media Denmark (Gunvor Bjerre, Lars Gudmund Hansen, Lisbeth Lyngse) in cooperation with KRO Netherlands (Jan-Willem Bult), is looking at conflict solutions by sport, football in that case, based on true events between Serbs and Bosnians, converted to fiction.
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February 8, 2007 - Children's Express relaunches under new name - Headliners
Children's Express, the unique youth news agency charity set up in 1995, has been re-launched as Headliners at a ceremony at BAFTA on Piccadilly on 30th January.
The name change came about after a six-month consultation period with many of the hundreds of young people that the charity works with. Headliners Director Fiona Wyton said: "We work with a wide range of young people, some who felt uncomfortable with the term Children. We also wanted to move away from sounding like a print-based organisation as we have moved into creating much more audio/video and new media output."
In 2006, Children's Express sent two reporters to Kenya to report on how young people were involved in fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in that country. Their report was shown on both BBC News 24 and Sky News, and they were interviewed on ITV News and BBC News 24.
Other highlights for the year include appearances on Radio 4 You and Yours, on BBC World Service as part of the Generation Next season and published articles in a number of newspapers including the Guardian and New Internationalist magazine.
full article - new website

February 6, 2007 - Making the internet safer for children: Europe calls for determined action on "Safer Internet Day" 2007
Today, 100 organisations in over 40 countries worldwide celebrate Safer Internet Day. In the EU, across all 27 Member States conferences and campaigns showcase already existing safer internet activities of the private and the public sector, from filtering technologies to media literacy programmes. The purpose is to raise awareness – in particular at schools, among parents and teachers – about the best ways for protecting minors in an online environment of growing importance for our daily lives. Safer Internet Day is organised under the patronage of the Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding.
full article - more about Safer Internet Day

February 1, 2007 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel helps launch 'Junior 8' youth competition
Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany's National Female Soccer Team - including UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Steffi Jones - joined five UNICEF Junior Ambassadors to launch this year's competition for the 'Junior 8' summit.
Under the motto 'You are the summit', UNICEF in partnership with the Morgan Stanley Foundation is calling upon adolescents to deal with the fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS, the worldwide climate change and other topics which will feature during the G8 summit of industrialized nations to be held in Heiligendamm, Germany in June.
full article - Junior 8 website

January 24, 2007 - “A World Fit for Children” - Call for OneMinuteJr videos
Looking for a way to make a difference? Create a one-minute video telling the world what young people think about the world they live in and how they’re making a difference.
In honor of the 5th Anniversary of the Special Session for Children, UNICEF asks youth to look at the four priorities of the session’s adopted agenda “Building a World Fit for Children”: Promoting healthy lives; Providing quality education; Protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence; Combating HIV/AIDS. How have these goals been achieved in your community? What problems still exist in your communities? What suggestions do you have to fix these issues? What can be done to make the world better for children?
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Check out the "Unite for children, unite against AIDS" video

You can still participate, of course, and send us YOUR version so we can add it to the video.
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