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The Center for the Protection of
Children's Rights Foundation (Thailand) Questionnaire for Journalists

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The Center works with young people, usually girls and young women, who have suffered serious abuse, usually at the hands of men. Much of the information we have acquired over the years is quite sensitive.

In order to help us to protect these children from further trauma, and to make your visit more useful to you and our staff, could you please send us the following information as soon as possible.

1 What are the objectives of your visit?

2 Can you explain as clearly as possible what kind of information you would like to get from the Center (include if possible a list of questions you may wish to ask. In that way we can better prepare for your visit).

3 How do you intend to use the information you receive from the Center?

4 If you are a journalist, are you a freelance or a staff reporter?

5 Could you please send us copies of material you have written on children's rights issues in advance of your visit?

6 If you are a photojournalist, could you please bring a portfolio of your work when you visit.

7 Will you provide us with a copy of any report you make on children's rights as a result of your visit. It will be very helpful to our work.

Journalists please note:

The vast majority of visitors are not allowed to visit our shelters. However, when visitors have been permitted to visit a rehabilitation shelter the following regulations apply:

1 Questions asked of young people at the shelter must not mention the past as this may cause them further trauma.

2 Other questions can be referred to the child psychologist, social worker or care workers at the shelters.

• Further information about The Center for the Protection of Children's Rights Foundation can be found on its website.

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