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The Challenge

The Oslo Challenge to organizations working for children is:

• to respect the need for independence of the media as a component of democratic society;

• to work together with media professionals to promote and protect children's rights and to respond to children's needs;

• to provide effective media liaison services to ensure that media have access to reliable sources of information on children's issues;

• to facilitate accurate coverage of child-related issues by developing media liaison policies that discourage misrepresentation in the interests of publicity and fundraising.

The Challenge to the private sector is:

• to take into account the rights of children to access, participation, media education and protection from harmful content in the development of new media products and technologies;

• to make the best interests of the child a primary consideration in the pursuit of commercial and financial success, so that today's children become adults in a global society in which all people are protected, respected and free.

Find out more

• The MAGICbank is a database of media initiatives from around the world, which showcase best practice by, with and for children. The bank is searchable by a variety of categories and will provide useful models for all organizations working with children, or those who are looking to develop projects. Entries in the MAGICbank have details of how each project was funded. There is the opportunity to add further projects to the bank.

• The Links and contacts section of the site, searchable by country or region of origin, provides a wealth of further sources of information.

• Examples of codes and guidelines, declarations and resolutions that highlight good practice and provide guidance for all organizations working with children in the media can be found throughout this site, but particularly in the MAGICmedia section.

• For a full briefing on the issues surrounding children and the media, go to the MAGICbriefing section of this site.

• Join the MAGIC Network, set up for professionals and organizations to share media activities and good ideas by, with and for children, in response to the Oslo Challenge.

• The Child Rights Information Network aims to meet the needs of all organizations working for child rights. Its website includes reports, news, events and a section on the media.

• To contribute details of weblinks that other organizations working with children and the media might find useful, just fill in this form.

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