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The Global Movement for children

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The Global Movement for children is a collection of people and organizations around the world dedicated to promoting the rights of the child. The movement is about participation, action and accountability and involves everyone - changing the world with children.

A rallying call

The full rallying call of the Global Movement for children, and details of how you can get involved, can be found on the Global Movement for children website. The Global Movement for children champions 10 essential actions needed to promote and to protect children's lives. Many of these points will be useful for anyone committed to developing the relationship between children and the media. The actions are:

1. Leave no child out
Because every girl and boy is born free and equal in dignity and rights, all forms of discrimination and exclusion against children must end.

2. Put children first
Governments must meet their obligations to children and young people. At the same time, everyone - including individuals, non-governmental organizations, religious groups, the private sector, and children and adolescents themselves - must recognize their responsibility to ensure that child rights are respected.

3. Care for every child
All children must enjoy the highest attainable standard of health, especially through immunization, good nutrition and diet, clean water and adequate sanitation, proper housing and a safe and healthy environment.

4. Fight HIV/AIDS
Children and adolescents and their families must be protected from the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS.

5. Stop harming and exploiting children
The violence and abuse that children suffer must be stopped now. And the sexual and economic exploitation of children must also end.

6. Listen to children
Everyone must respect the right of children and young people to express themselves and to participate in decisions that affect them, consistent with their evolving capabilities. And we must listen and act.

7. Educate every child
All girls and boys must receive a compulsory, free primary education of good quality.

8. Protect children from war
Children must be protected from the horrors of armed conflict.

9. Protect the earth for children
There must be urgent steps by every one of us - including governments, civil society and the private sector - to assure the well-being and security of future generations by safeguarding the environment at global, national and local levels.

10. Fight poverty: invest in children
Because children suffer the most from poverty, the fight against it must begin with them. This includes investing in social services that benefit the poorest children and their families, such as basic health care and primary education. At the same time, the well-being of children must be a priority objective of debt relief programmes, development assistance and government spending.

Say Yes for children
Add your voice to the 10 critical actions needed to improve the lives of children and young people everywhere.

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