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A Child's Right to Media - South Africa
Young people and adults address issues on broadcasting for children through workshops, production, seminars, screenings and meetings. The children produce the programmes and attend training workshops.

Baaba Project - Uganda
The goal of the project is that the street children will be able to exercise their rights to sexual and reproductive health within an environment where information and services are freely accessible and their rights are respected by the community and its members. This is based on the premise that street children with increased knowledge, skill and confidence are able to make their own informed choices for a healthier future. The project adopts a variety of strategies including advocacy, capacity building and peer education to achieve this goal.

Canal Futura - Brazil
Canal Futura is a project of Roberto Marinho Foundation launched in Sep´97 and broadcasts to 68 million Brazilians. It is the first television channel in Brazil completely aimed at educational affairs with a 24/7 program. Futura reaches an audience of 14 million people through satellite dishes, cable and mini satellite dishes.
Canal Futura is sponsored by a group of companies, foundations and institutions that believe in an educational project that sees the TV network as the main instrument to reduce the serious educational problems in Brazil. Its schedule is directed to children, young people, worker, housewives and teachers; it also supports public and private elementary and High School curriculums and provides services and information useful in the day-to-day life of Brazilians. In programs elaborated with the help of teachers, scientists and educators, the channel uses simple and clear language in order to speak with its audience.

cbbfc - Children's British Board of Film Classification
The cbbfc website was launched in June 2003 and has proved extremely popular with children, teachers and parents, not just in the UK, but world-wide. The aim is to give 8-11 year olds a clearer understanding of how and why films, videos and DVDs are classified in the UK. At this age, children's viewing habits are still largely determined by their parents, and we hope to empower them by providing information on the classification process, which can sometimes appear confusing to the public.

Children's Express
A programme of learning through journalism for inner-city children and young people aged 8-18. Based in the United Kingdom, reporters and editors choose, research and produce stories on subjects of their choice.

Children's Media Center (CMC) Kyrgyzstan
The CMC works in audio-visual and print media and its work is done exclusively by children and young people themselves. The project is aimed at the creation of the conditions for the child’s self-expression. The members of the CMC study the problems faced by children and young people in Kyrgyzstan and evaluate their observations from their own point of view. In addition to that, they spread information about child rights in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Children, Violence and the Media in an Expanding Europe
A project set up to produce model training modules to raise awareness among media professionals about the impact on children of real violence and violent imagery.

Communication for Change (C4C)
Youth media training project running 'Video and the Community Dreams', a community-based human rights and media project for girls and young women in Egypt.

Early Childhood Development and the Brazilian Media
A leading news agency in Brazil whose mission is to create a media culture that gives priority to promoting the rights of children and adolescents, chiefly those at risk of exclusion.

Euro-Arab Neighbourhood
The target of the project "Euro-Arab Neighbourhood: Students build Bridges" is to promote the Euro-Arab dialogue among young people by co-operation of school magazines. All types of schools and young people of any age who are interested in a journalistic co-operation are welcome to take part in this project.

Young people aged 12 and over from around the world are invited to contribute to an animated project through fax and email, using telephone lines as a means of artistic expression and introducing them to modern communication through the international language of the animated cartoon.

Goldtooth - A Street Children's Musical
A performance that actively involves (children living or working on the streets, scavengers, solvent sniffers, sex workers, juvenile delinquents and those with health problems), enabling them to discover and cultivate their unique talents, skills and strengths.

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)

A global project, active in over 95 countries and linking 500,000 young people aged 5-20 in virtual classrooms, with the goal of enhancing education and the quality of life on the planet.

International HipHop Summer Camp 2003
Within a workshop phase of 5 days, 12 songs, 3 videos and a website with lots of pictures and mp3-interviews were produced; there were choreographies and b-boying, a whole wall full of graffiti paintings and live performances raising the self confidence of every participant. The project won an award at the Netdays Germany.

Journaliste d'un Jour (Journalist for a Day)
Young people in northern France spend a week on real newspapers alongside professionals and work together on news, features, comment columns and reviews.

Kids Helping Kids
Kids Helping Kids is designed to offer an opportunity for Irish children to make a difference in the lives of other children living in difficult circumstances. Beginning each year at Halloween (late October), UNICEF Ireland provides information, online and printed materials, and suggested activities to teachers and students about an issue impacting children globally. It also encourages kids and their teachers to initiate educational fund-raising activities.

KidsLove! - South Africa
"Kids Love" was launched by the CBFA as part of their event "Celebrating 10 Years of Quality Children's Media" at the WIKID Exhibition on 17-19 September 17-19, 2004.
The main output of the project will be a series of nine 5-minute TV programmes around the following topics:
"Images of war and strife, HIV-AIDS, children in armed conflict, with guns, dying, crying – diseased, abused, alone… always suffering, always pain - when will this end, when will we heal these tender souls?" - in an effort to quell these images of bare-bottomed, running nose, screaming children, SABC 2 and CBFA will run a series of short stories about love… written produced by children aged between 11-13 years."

Making Your Voice Heard - A Media Toolkit for Youth
A project to acquaint young people with the news media and enable them to access the media themselves, build relationships with those in the media and encourage journalists to report on the positive as well as the negative.

Media and Children's Rights
A handy, practical guide to help media professionals appreciate the rights of children and the value of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as a story source.

Media as Psycho-social Support for Young People
Based in Sarajevo, this project offers support to young people in the aftermath of war by enabling them to contribute to society.

Media Initiative for Children
The Media Initiative for Children is a joint effort between NIPPA – the Early Years Organisation (Belfast, N.I.) and the Peace Initiatives Institute (Colorado, U.S.) to use television advertisements and classroom experience to explore with very young children the value of respecting - and including - others who are different.
As a coordinated educational programme using a combination of 60 second television messages and preschool curricula, it focuses on three types of differences: physical, racial and cultural differences used by sectarianism.

MIDIATIVA – The Brazilian Center on Media for Children was founded in April 2002 by a number of selected professionals in Communications and Education. Its mission is to promote responsible and constructive criticism of the media, especially electronic forms of media.
Empowering educational actions and promoting debate over the quality of media and TV programming is geared towards children and teenagers is a definite path to heightening that very quality.

Mukto Khobor (Free News)
A weekly 25-minute adolescents' news and current affairs programme with focus on children and child rights issues in Bangladesh.

Young people between the age of 12 and 20 from Europe and Central Asia gain a glimpse into the experimental world of one-minute movie-making, by submitting short films to be showcased in this annual Amsterdam festival and by participating in workshops organized by UNICEF, the European Cultural Foundation and the Sandberg Institute.

Os Tos Mhong! ("Cool!") - Youth Radio Cambodia
Os Tos Mhong! ("Cool!") is shaking up the radio waves with a lively mix of phone-ins, features and music plus competitions. Presenters Vannak and Soka will be your friendly guides through the ups and downs of growing up. “We’re creating an interactive programme where young people can talk in a safe space,” says Senior Producer Kong Villa. The fresh exciting format blends talk-radio, the latest music, expert advice and regular features such as “What’s On?” and “Dr. Love”, a heart doctor ready to help with all of your relationship problems.

PhotoVoice is an international non-profit organisation, based in London, UK. Our mission is empowerment – to support people in need around the world to use photography as a medium to speak out about their concerns, hopes and fears. Working alongside both international organizations and local partners, we provide in-field photojournalism workshops for those living on the fringes of society. Internationally we provide the platform for these groups to exhibit and market their work.
The website www.photovoice.org provides the global forum for the practitioners and beneficiaries of participatory photography projects around the world through its closed forum.

International award for youth media and related projects to spread training and good practice across the world.

Radio Enfant
Canadian French language young people's radio project that takes place in a network of schools and has set up a permanent children's radio station.

Radio Salam
Children's radio station in the remote and sensitive Batken region of Kyrgyzstan with the aim of involving young people in building civil society.

Radio Trousseau
Radio station based in a children's hospital in Paris, with programmes produced by, with and for children, to give support and help them deal with trauma.

Refugee Youth in America

Innovative public education campaign aimed at using youth-friendly mediums (for example, film, TV, music and the arts) to increase awareness of refugee issues in the United States of America.

Representing Lost Childhood
Training programme for media professionals and children to enable children affected by war, exploitation, poverty and abuse to win space in the media for their ideas, needs and opinions.

Shahrak Atfal - Children's City
Children's City is set in an ideal imagined city, which features an interactive radio, an invisible parrot and a flying carpet. Through the children's adventures, the geography, history and current affairs of Afghanistan are presented in an engaging manner, while addressing issues of post-conflict psychology from a child's perspective.

Spunk - Online Youth Magazine
Spunk is made be a editorial team of around fifteen people in the age between 14 and 20 years from the Netherlands. They meet once a week and discuss their fascinations, dreams and worries in the wolrd and in their everyday life. This is what they turn into the editorial content. Besides daily weblogs and tv-tips, every day we publish at least one new article: either a column, interview, feature or animation. It results in a great mix of high and low culture. From reportages on young asylum seekers to sex columns, from reviews of musical clips to essays on the war in Iraq.

Straight Talk - Uganda
Straight Talk newspaper was launched in 1993. By 1997 it had grown into a registered NGO, Straight Talk Foundation (STF), with multiple projects. Our mission statements are "Keeping Adolescents Safe" and "Communication for Better Adolescent Health". Safe means free from infections and unwanted pregnancy and with the life skills, education and values to be a productive adult.
The radio show went on air in May 1999. The 30 minute weekly programme mainly targets out-of-school and in-school adolescents ( 13-21 ) reinforcing Straight Talk messages of safer sex, abstinence, the use of condoms and life skills. The show is aired nationwide on 14 FM stations, in English and 4 local languages. Plans to broadcast in more local languages are underway.

Street-Level Youth Media
Educates Chicago's inner-city youth in media arts and emerging technologies for use in self-expression, communication and social change.

Te Damos Tu Lugar (We Give You Your Place)
Mexican commercial television station producing and promoting programmes dedicated to children for their entertainment and to support their individual development.

Teen People
Commercial magazine and website based in the USA that aims to give teenagers a sense of their role and responsibilities in the world, covering a wide range of topics including international affairs and serious issues relating to young people's lives.

The world through my eyes
The World Through My Eyes helps Mozambican children learn about and experiment with photography, improving their chances of receiving scholarships at a university either in Mozambique or abroad.

Timoun ak Medya
A network of child journalists across north-west Haiti, who have been trained in media skills and child rights issues, who produce radio programmes, a website and a magazine.

Troç - The Young Reporter of Albania
A weekly news magazine programme produced entirely by young people across Albania, and broadcast nationally and in North America via satellite.

UNICEF Somalia radio project
Provides radio production skills to enable youth in war-torn Somalia to broadcast programmes on community issues that affect them, and get their voices heard.

Young Media Partners
A Youth Media Team formed to report on the World Youth of the United Nations System Forum and World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, both in Portugal in 1998.

Young People's Media Network in Europe and Central Asia (YPMN)
Assists, connects and recognizes young media organizations and young people working in and with the media, strengthening the rights, role and voice of children and adolescents in the opinion-making process in Europe and Central Asia.

Youth Radio
US-based project promoting young people's intellectual, creative and professional growth through training and access to the media, including radio, print and the web.

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