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Contact details

MIDIATIVA - Centro Brasileiro de Mídia para Crianças e Adolescentes
R. Venâncio Aires, 157.
CEP 05024-030
Á gua Branca - São Paulo - SP
Tel/Fax: 0 xx 11 3864-1239
Email: midiativa@midiativa.tv
Website: www.midiativa.tv


São Paulo, Brazil

Background, aims & objectives

MIDIATIVA – The Brazilian Center on Media for Children was founded in April 2002 by a number of selected professionals in Communications and Education. Its mission is to promote responsible and constructive criticism of the media, especially electronic forms of media.
Empowering educational actions and promoting debate over the quality of media and TV programming is geared towards children and teenagers is a definite path to heightening that very quality. In order to fulfill that mission, MIDIATIVA seeks to:

  • Promote activities that develop critic thinking over said forms of media: seminars, workshops, showcases, publication of papers and essays, and dissemination through the Internet.
  • Stimulate, lead and divulge polls and researches over different aspects of the relationship between children and media.
  • Stimulate independent, high-quality video productions in Brazil, aimed at children and teens. Also, help in the search of viewing channels for that production, both nationally and abroad.
  • Further the placement of youngsters as protagonists in quality film and video productions.
  • Organize the improvement of human resources for media professionals, social workers and teachers, especially those employed in the public education system.


MIDIATIVA website offers a unique take on the subject of media and childhood, and caters to media professionals, parents and teachers. Besides promoting MIDIATIVA actions and services, it brings together news, events, interviews and articles penned by leading thinkers on these subjects.

Prix Jeunesse Suitacase Belo Horizonte - MIDIATIVA - 2004
With the Suitcase as a guide point, we promote exhibits, seminars and workshops for media professionals, students, teachers and parents, to fuel discussions on quality television. Our Suitcase contain video content from around the globe, and selected programs from the Prix Jeunesse.

MIDIATECA – The MIDIATIVA Quality Collection for children and teens makes available audiovisual productions created worldwide. It also gathers essays, books and papers about the subject.

Created to valorize quality TV programs that are watched by children and youth, MídiaQ Prize will honour this programs through its producers, the advertisers that make them happen and the professionals from the advertising agencies. The winning programs are chosen from an special ranking, made according to parents values and kids identification in researches conducted by MultiFocus Market Research.

TVQ Seminar - MIDIATIVA - 2003
The seminars TVQ – Q de Qualidade, under the auspices of MIDIATIVA – began in 1999 with the 1st TVQ – Latin American Encounter on high-quality television, which brought more than 10 international specialists, all in association with Sesc. In December 2003, MIDIATIVA initiated a number of annual encounters with the international seminar TVQ – Children, Adolescents and Media, in association with Sesc São Paulo and USP (The University of Sâo Paulo). In order to attract international and Brazilian personalities to these meetings, MIDIATIVA fulfills its mission to strengthen the debate concerning media for children and young people in Brazil.


Sponsored by UNICEF and UNESCO, MIDIATIVA is the partner of the Prix Jeunesse Foundation in Brazil. Working with Multirio, The City of Rio de Janeiro Multimedia Company, MIDIATIVA organized the the 4th World Summit on Media for Children which was held in Rio de Janeiro in April 2004. It was the first time this prestigious event took place in Latin America.

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